18 September 202320 September 2023

Columbus, Ohio, USA


Explore our latest innovative coating solutions

Join us at CAD RETEC to celebrate Colorful Columbus and discuss topics related to plastics coloration and appearance. Organized by the Annual Society of Plastics Engineers, CAD RETEC is the longest running and largest technical conference in North America devoted to the coloring of plastics. It began as a technical conference focused on development, manufacturing and research in the field of color science, color measurement, and coloring plastics but has grown to be the industry’s leading place to network and learn new technologies.

Visit Vibrantz Technologies CAD RETEC

Our Color Solutions team will showcase its expanded portfolio of high-performing organic and inorganic pigments, as well as unveil its latest near infrared (NIR) technology. Explore how Vibrantz is solving customer’s challenges with a versatile range of durable pigments for demanding applications.

Product Manager Dani Lladó will showcase our NIR pigments absorption in plastics

Dani Lladó will share the latest insights surrounding NIR absorption in plastics including:

  • NIR reflecting pigments performance
  • Energy management, comfort, recyclability and detection
  • Heat buildup concerns

We hope our visitors leave the show with a newfound understanding of Vibrantz’s expanded pigment offerings and how Vibrantz can provide a broader global footprint, enhanced customer reach and greater operational resilience for our customers.