Organic inks and coatings

green perfume bottle
green perfume bottle

Our organic inks and coatings distinguish many brands.

Automotive companies and original equipment manufacturers are searching for ways to give their plastics better performance and more color. And designers of bottles, drinking glasses and other tableware are constantly looking for ways to stand out among the crowd. Our offerings of organic inks and coatings are ideal for all of these solutions.

With over 100 years of experience, Vibrantz offers optimal solutions for end-use markets like automotive and transportation, home furnishings and appliances and packaging.

Waterborne coatings

Vibrantz’s organic waterborne coatings for glass and plastics provide superior adhesion, particularly for glass, along with good mechanical and chemical resistance. Our color series are available in spectacular color palettes.


Our product portfolio includes the latest generation of organic inks for direct and indirect decoration on glass. Whether they are used for screen printing, total transfer or decals, our inks for glassware are ideal for decorating bottles, drinking glasses, pharmaceutical glass and other tableware items.

Our value added service for inks and coatings allow you to mix and match colors.

We offer bases (clear, frost, metallic), along with approximately 20 tints, that give customers total flexibility in tailoring color matches on-site, as well as desired gloss and finish.

With our base/tint system, designers can achieve numerous finishes including transparent, translucent, frost, opaque, metallic, neon, and pearlescent. These coatings can be applied as a single finish or in combinations to deliver a myriad of effects.

Addittionally, Vibrantz provides complete custom color matching services to help our customers develop new colors and finishes to meet specific industry standards and/or unique customer needs. In addition to matching colors, we can provide formulas to customers using the base-tint system.

Precise color matching can be achieved using our internal extensive database and color matching expertise. All colors are matched to defined reference samples to ensure exact match and consistent color reproduction from batch to batch.

A sustainable and efficient coating solution.

Coverlink is a natural cork-based coating obtained by recycled leftover wine cork stoppers and water-based raw materials.

A highly flexible and lightweight coating, Coverlink spray cork provides excellent thermal insulation, waterproofing, fire resistance, acoustic insulation and breathability properties.

Coverlink spray cork can be applied on various types of surfaces, especially facades and roofs, and can be used to repair cracks and prevent micro-cracks. This technology is optimal for both cold markets and high temperature areas, and can be used in residential, industrial or commercial building construction or renovation project.

Learn more about this innovation here.

Products and solutions

Download our overview brochure and product guide to learn more about our expanded portfolio of organic and inorganic inks.

221 series BPA-free single pack system

25 series two-pack system

3D effect waterborne coatings for glass

95 series single-pack system (North America)

Asphalt effect waterborne coatings for glass

Croco effect waterborne coating for glass

High temperature and pressure (HTP) (hot melt) inks

Hydrocont waterborne organic glass coatings

Hydrocos waterborne organic coatings

Hydrodecor waterborne organic glass coatings

Hydrodesign waterborne organic glass coatings

Hydroglasur waterborne organic coatings

Hydroquick waterborne organic coatings

Hydrotherm waterborne organic coatings

Invisible effect waterborne coatings for glass

Kristal transparent HTP organic inks

Neon effect waterborne coating for glass

Pad printing inks for plastics

RTP (cold print) inks

Screen printing inks for plastics

Solvent-based coatings for plastic eyeglass frames

Solvent-based décor paints for plastics

Solvent-based laser etchable décor paints for plastics

Solvent-based laser etchable paints for automotive plastics

Specialty waterborne coatings for glass

Stone optic effect

Thermochrome effect waterborne coatings for glass

UV-curing automotive interior décor paints for plastics

Water-based décor paints for plastics

Water-based laser etchable décor paints for plastics

Water-based laser etchable paints for automotive plastics

Xpression organic colors for low temperature decals

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