Energy and utilities

We help you power everyday life.

Energy and utilities
Energy and utilities

We make the materials needed to energize the world.

Keeping power flowing, providing clean water and advancing vehicle functionality are essential aspects of our day to day. And Vibrantz products are trusted to support them all. We offer powders, coatings and enamels for power, the oil and gas field and water treatment facilities.

We help improve water quality.

Water scarcity and concerns about contamination are two of the biggest challenges for society today. Long term water treatment solutions provide more stability in operations, helping you safely recover and purify water. Vibrantz offers materials to increase water treatment that will result in:

  • Scale removal from processing equipment
  • Reduced waste and optimal water flow
  • Increased lifespan of water processing equipment and less downtime
  • Reduced water processing maintenance costs

We provide materials to optimize energy needs.

Efficient, reliable and safe operations are critical for the energy sector to meet demand, while keeping costs low and protecting people and planet. Vibrantz products are designed to help:

  • Improve efficiency and lower operating cost
  • Protect equipment to minimize downtime and maintenance costs
  • Meet regulatory specifications and reduce impact to the environment

We collaborate with our partners to design products that fit varying purpose and performance requirements.

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