We help nuclear plants store harsh materials.

Nuclear facilities are under heavy scrutiny and any leak or failure can risk the integrity of the plant and the safety of its community. Vibrantz helps nuclear facilities with keeping its harshest materials in their safest conditions. Our materials are key in global silos, tanks, and heat exchangers where specially formulated glass enamel coatings provide the long-lasting durability and critical chemical resistance against the harsh elements being used are needed to protect the containers.

Our porcelain-fused-to-steel coatings are the premium technology in the storage tank market. The factory-applied glass coating form a hard, inert barrier for both the interior and exterior tank surfaces. Vibrantz’s porcelain enamel coatings guards against weather, corrosion, and harsh chemicals. Porcelain enamels are impermeable to liquids and vapors and control undercutting caused by corrosion and rust.

We have developed a range of high-quality and patented products.

We develop tailor-made porcelain coatings for the regional requirements of silos, tanks and heat exchanger manufacturers and provide on-site technicians to help improve their manufacturing processes. Our products are available in various forms including:

  • Ground coat frits and powders for wet and dry applications
  • Cover coat frits and powders for wet and dry applications

Vibrantz has developed and patented a specialty ground coat enamel for silo panels that provides extra scale resistance on construction steel. We continue to be the front runner in porcelain enamel innovation with the latest technological improvements to its electrostatic powders. The advantages of electrostatic powders include automated application, reduction of hazardous waste, lower energy consumption for milling and drying and labor costs in mill room and set up, excellent finish quality, and maximized utilization of material.

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