Organic and inorganic pigments

colored pigments
colored pigments

We’re expanding what’s possible with pigments.

Pigments are used to add color to our everyday life while providing additional performance advantages for various end-use applications. Customers today have endless options when it comes to color and Vibrantz helps expand what’s possible with our expansive pigment portfolio.

We are a global industry leader with one of the world’s most comprehensive offerings of organic, inorganic, hybrid and functional pigments that provide performance benefits like corrosion inhibition, high heat resistance and infrared reflecting properties, in addition to effective coloring capabilities. Our pigments are vivid and durable and excel in endless paint and coating applications such as architectural, industrial, plastics, inks and more.

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Our custom pigments and formulations provide our customers with specific properties.

  • Aesthetics – Shade, tinting strength, opacity and transparency
  • Process and service life performance – Dispersibility, migration, heat, chemical, light and weather fastness
  • Functionality – Anticorrosion, near infrared (NIR) reflectance, camouflage and high dielectric/powder charging

Customer oriented
Our customers are why we exist. Our relationships are built on trust, an ability to understand your needs and challenges and a genuine desire to help you succeed.

Innovative thinking
We encourage our teams to seek out new ideas for technologies and business processes, and always look for ways to improve and better serve our customers.

Vibrantz is your global pigments partner when it comes to performance, color and innovation. Our technical expertise coupled with the world’s most extensive pigment offering gives customers peace of mind and design freedom for any project.

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