Our durable pigments deliver.

The shift toward more sustainable automotive and industrial coatings, plastics, printing inks, cosmetics and building materials have increased the demand for inorganic pigments that provide a greater benefit than the simple coloration of a formulation. Inorganic pigments also impact physical properties of the paint or coating during application and throughout the product lifecycle. They are more stable against harsh environmental and chemicals conditions than organic pigments, while offering the advantage of lower production costs.

We are the leading global supplier of inorganic pigments with the largest portfolio of inorganic pigments and complex inorganic color pigments (CICPs). Our high-performing inorganic color pigments are custom formulations that outperform alternative technologies in opacity, ease of dispersion, high heat fastness, light, weather and chemical resistance with no bleeding or pigment migration. Their overall durability and resistance to harsh environmental conditions make our inorganic pigments ideal for any demanding application.

We are helping to make the recyclability of black plastics possible.

Modern plastic recycling operations utilize near infrared (NIR) technology in their processing equipment to sort materials efficiently. Under such conditions, plastic materials colored with traditional carbon black pigment are largely undetectable in sorting machines, causing plastics that could and should be recycled to be unnecessarily discarded and ultimately contributing to landfill waste. We provide a portfolio of sustainable alternative NIR-detectable black pigments for black plastic recycling that are FDA and EU 10/2011 compliant.

We lead the way in ultramarine blues.

We are the global market producer of ultramarine blue pigments that are ideal for various applications including plastic packaging, architectural and industrial coatings, cement and concrete, cosmetics and leather tanning. These durable, environmentally friendly and vibrant inorganic pigments offer heat and weather resistance properties, easy dispersibility and high solvent, heat, alkali and lightfastness. They are available in a unique red shade with a green profile.

Our infrared reflective pigments improve building energy efficiency.

The use of air conditioning (AC) for residential and commercial use is increasingly common, especially in the world’s hotter regions, putting enormous strain on electricity systems and making cooling the fastest growing use of energy in buildings. High energy costs also increase the need for lower-cost and more efficient cooling options.

Architectural and construction markets seek eco-friendly and energy efficient building materials.

Our pigments help lower heat absorption of building exteriors to improve energy efficiency

  • Improve building energy efficiency by up to 20%
  • Reduce AC consumption, lowering energy bill costs
  • Increase the durability of exterior coatings

We also offer an array of red, yellow and black iron oxides commonly used in various coating and construction applications.

Products and solutions

PB28 – Cobalt aluminate blue spinel

PB29 – Ultramarine blue

PB36 – Cobalt chromite blue-green spinel

PBk11 – Black iron oxide

PBk12 – Iron titanium brown spinel

PBk23 – Tin antimony grey cassiterite

PBk26 – Manganese ferrite black spinel

PBk27 – Iron cobalt chromite black spinel

PBk28 – Copper chromite black spinel

PBk30 – Chrome iron nickel black spinel

PBk33 – Iron manganese black oxide

PBr24 – Chrome antimony titanium buff rutile

PBr29 – Chrome iron brown hematite

PBr33 – Zinc iron chromite brown spinel

PG17 – Chrome oxide green

PG17 – Chromium green-black hematite

PG26 – Cobalt chromite green spinel

PG50 – Cobalt titanate green spinel

PO85 – Bismuth oxyhalide orange

PR101 – Opaque and transparent red iron oxide

PR104 – Molybdate orange

PV15 – Ultramarine violet

PV62 – Strontium phosphate violet

PY119 – Zinc ferrite brown spinel

PY163 – Chrome tungsten titanium buff rutile

PY164 – Manganese Antimony Titanium Buff Rutile

PY184 – Bismuth vanadate yellow

PY34 – Chrome yellow

PY42 – Opaque and transparent yellow iron oxide

PY53 – Nickel antimony titanium yellow rutile

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