Engineered and other mineral additives

Engineered and other mineral additives
Engineered and other mineral additives

We add value from source to solution.

Our manufacturing customers trust Vibrantz for niche blended and other mineral additives. We bring more than 60 years of raw material expertise and industry knowledge to create mineral blends for various metallurgical applications and micronutrient blends for the agricultural market.

Vibrantz specializes in sourcing, processing and distributing:

  • Ladle sands for steelmaking
  • Foundry additive products
  • Glass-based products for processing alloys
  • Sucrate micronutrients for agriculture
  • Mineral additives for brick, glass and other applications

Achieve high free-open rates with Vibrantz.

Our ladle sands are engineered refractory minerals designed for steel mills to insulate their ladle nozzles. Our suite of SureStart® products are designed to address individual operating conditions and achieve the highest free-open rates of steel ladles.

SureStart ladle sand benefits include:

  • High refractory deformation temperatures for applications that have longer residence time or long turnaround heats
  • Ideal formulations to optimize high free-open rates in applications with low residence time or short turnaround ladles
  • Improved free-open performance in high residence time heats from robust zircon-based blends.

We’re the go-to experts in ceramic sands, specialty sands and sand additives.

Our foundry products are engineered to allow customers to enjoy reduced scrap rates and improve tensile strength and surface finish. Products include casting defect solutions, exothermic toppings, slag coagulants, specialty coatings, anti-veining solutions, porosity elimination, highest chill solutions and lowest thermal expansion solutions. We have a dedicated team of experts providing innovative engineered solutions for improved quality castings.

Protect your materials with Vibrantz.

ForgeOx® glass lubricants are used in closed- and open-die forging, extrusion and de-scaling operations for critical, high-precision markets like aerospace, commercial and medical. Our glass lubricants enable the preform or billet to be coated at ambient temperature.

ForgeOx fuses to protect the part during pre-heating and forging operations, as well as:

  • Improves surface by matching the flow of the glass to that of the metal, the glass can encapsulate the part during numerous passes
  • Minimizes oxide layer growth and inhibits hydrogen pickup
  • Offers longer die life from reduced energy needed to form a part
  • Eliminates or reduces need for reheating from longer heat retention
  • Removes expensive preheating in an inert or reduces atmosphere by providing a barrier between the work piece and atmosphere
  • Easily removes of scale of alloys where oxide growth occurs rapidly prior to glass fusing

Our essential micronutrient sucates enable healthier plants.

Our Granusol® products are engineered sucrate micronutrients used in specialty and turf agricultural applications. These dispersible granules, complete with essential sugars, provide consistent, slow releasing nutrient uptake. They are produced with advanced sucrate technology that creates non-staining, uniform granules that are free flowing, non-caking and are available with a wax coating. Vibrantz is one of the few micronutrient producers with the capability to custom formulate smaller volumes.

Products and solutions

Vibrantz manufactures a wide range of engineered mineral and specialty chemical products to meet the needs of a variety of applications.

Foundry engineered sand additives

Foundry hot toppings and slag coagulants

Foundry specialty sands

Foundry water-based refractory coatings

Metallurgical glass

Micronutrient sucrates

Other minerals

SureStart ladle sands

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