pearl pigments

High-performing, sustainable tinting technology for coatings.

Increasingly stringent environmental regulations mean colorant companies must create high-performing – and now sustainable – tinting solutions.

We have engineered Pearls™, the coatings industry’s first and only volumetrically dosed tinting system of solid colorants designed for use in water-borne architectural and industrial applications.

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Pearls advantages


  • Biocide-free
  • 100% recyclable packaging
  • Reduced waste
  • Extended shelf life compared to alternative technologies


  • Highly soluble
  • Superior tinting consistency
  • Accurately dispensed
  • Low impact on paint properties

Tinting system

  • Overall cost savings
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Simple to service
  • Improved cleanliness
pearls machine
pearl pigments

Our accurate, low-maintenance tinting concept is easy to use and saves money.

The need for fewer additional additives minimizes the general impact on important properties of the end-use paint. At a store with low colorant consumption, solid colorants will not dry out, thicken or sediment, increasing shelf life substantially even after being in the dispenser.

Due to their solid form and low dusting properties, pearls are cleaner and more user-friendly than competing technologies, and the packaging is 100% recyclable.

Each pearl is a tiny spherical mass that is highly soluble in existing paint mixing processes. The uniformed pearl shape combined with the narrow particle size distribution offers superior tinting accuracy.

We are continually looking for ways to meet specialized requirements of our customers and address the ever-changing regulatory environment. Our broad portfolio and experienced team can assist you in selecting the right colorant line to comply with legislation in different markets and specific ecolabel requirements. Contact to learn more.

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