Surface polishing

Surface Finishing
Surface Finishing

Our surface polishing technology enable high-tech devices.

Consumers desire to have their phones, electronics, vehicles and glasses looking smooth and polished. We offer a wide range of aluminum, cerium and zirconium oxide-based polishing products custom formulated for our customers’ ceramic, glass, metal and plastic substrate surface finishing requirements.

Our CMP technology enables next-generation devices.

Additionally, our CMP technology enables high-yield processes for next-generation devices by offering slurries for a number of applications that offer properties like better polishing capability, low defectivity and excellent stability and shelf-life.

We are experts in precision polish applications.

Our expertise in abrasive particle development and manufacturing technology allows us to optimize the physical and chemical properties needed to deliver optimal solutions for our customers’ varied polishing applications.

With over 40 years of surface finishing experience, Vibrantz’s research, development and analytical resources enable us to develop unique polishes and abrasives for polishing a variety of substrates including plastic, glass, automotive clear coats, and sapphire.

Products and solutions

Aluminum alloy and stainless-steel polishing slurries

Aluminum oxide automotive abrasives

Aluminum oxide plastics lens polishes

Cerium oxide powders and slurries for glass polishing

CMP oxide slurries for STI CMP

CMP slurries for bare silicon wafers

CMP slurries for reclaim wafers

CMP slurry products for silicon carbide substrates

Copper barrier CMP slurries for metal removal

Copper CMP slurries for metal removal

Post CMP cleaners

Silica-based sapphire polishing slurries

TruPlane® 1631 cerium oxide slurries for dielectric CMP oxide removal

TruPlane® 1731 fast oxide slurries for dielectric CMP oxide removal

Tungsten CMP slurries for metal removal

Zirconium oxide powders and slurries

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