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Thermoset composite materials are increasingly used in various applications to meet the challenges and requirements of a technologically advanced world. Customers use thermosets to push design limits through light-weighting, flexibility, performance and other characteristics. Our full range of high-quality colorants, chemical dispersions and additive technologies enhance the performance and experience of thermoset products used in applications around the world.

From reducing vehicle mass and boosting driving performance, to allowing design freedom through more flexible materials, thermosets help designers build high-end performing products in a more efficient manner. They are often more cost effective, better performing and easier to manufacture alternatives to traditional materials.

Leading thermoset product brands include:

  • Plasticolors®
  • UVSolutions®
  • Accumag®
  • Plastigel®
  • Synermix®
  • Plastisperse®

We enhance the design and performance of everyday products.

We’re experts in color development and dispersion technology and consider unique color space, performance and cost specifications that provide the value, consistency and quality our customers depend on. We offer the widest portfolio of products that enhance thermoset composites by providing:

  • Improved ultraviolet (UV) resistance
  • Exceptional lightfastness
  • Durable, integral color
  • Cost savings when additional painting of parts is no longer necessary
  • Lower maintenance and better lifecycle management

We are problem solvers. Our combined technical expertise and support allow us to partner with customers and co-develop innovative products that advance the thermoset plastics industry.

We collaborate with our partners to design products that fit varying purpose and performance requirements.

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