Our colorants excel in polyurethane applications.

We provide colorants in an array of reactive and non-reactive carrier resins to meet the needs of polyurethane markets. Black colorants exhibit a broad range of jetness and strength, while full color palettes are available for applications requiring vibrant color. Our Plasticolors® low-viscosity pigment dispersions are designed for ease of handling and can be incorporated by pump, metering systems, third stream and automated tinting systems.

We offer a portfolio of products that offer light weighting, infrared reflective and static dissipative capabilities.

Our technologies:

  • Produce the optimal particle size for color strength and pigment efficiency
  • Contain no solvents
  • Are heavy metal free
  • Offer high tint strength

You can count on our black colorants.

Not all black colorants are equal. Most urethane black colorants contain carbon black. The physical properties of carbon black can differ among various grades and have an impact on colorant performance. We offer a vast array of black colorant dispersions for urethanes to meet application requirements, from the simplest to the most complex. Our products exhibit a broad range of jetness and strength and deliver long-lasting performance every time.

We help your polyurethanes stand out.

Not all urethane products are black, and many applications require the use of vibrant color to make the product stand out. Our colorants consist of organic and inorganic pigments, finely dispersed and stabilized in resin. We provide a full pallet of urethane colors in a variety of resin carriers for use in foam, reaction injection molding (RIM), artificial leather, caulks, adhesives, sealants, pultrusion, flexible PVC and elastomer applications. Our products are available as single pigment mass tones, custom blended color or standard ColorPak colors.

As experts in color development and chemical dispersion science, we offer services that customize products to fit your unique requirements. Differentiation is key, whether in color space, product performance or cost. We want to help you deliver your value proposition to your urethane customer.

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