We help animals and crops grow stronger.

Hands holding soil
Hands holding soil

We provide essential animal and crop nutrition.

The agriculture industry must maximize crop production and animal nutrition while meeting regulations to minimize environmental impacts. We supply quality, accessible and reliable manganese chemical products for micronutrient nutrition. We produce the highest quality portfolio of manganese minerals for use in the fertilizer and animal feed markets and supply additives, including colorants essential to food, crop and animal feed and the health of lawns and turf.

Vibrantz is the leading manganese provider offering:

  • The widest range of manganese chemistries
  • Unparalleled industry knowledge
  • Manufacturing and quality control
  • Broad global footprint

Explore the importance of manganese in agriculture in our overview brochure.

We add color to agriculture.

With pesticide regulations on the rise, distinctive seed colorations are necessary to help classify seed types and avoid potentially dangerous misuse during growing. Seed coaters are increasingly looking for vibrant color options to optically differentiate their products. Enabling accurate dosing while amplifying product color, our colorants make agriculture products more identifiable. We offer a colorant range that can be blended to create customized shades to suit your crop nutrition application.

We collaborate with our partners to design products that fit varying purpose and performance requirements.

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