We bring color, performance and vibrancy to life.

Our specialty chemicals and materials solutions are used in small amounts to make a huge impact on everyday life.

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Vibrantz products are used in countless applications to make the world more colorful and improve product safety, durability and sustainability. And while innovation and customers are two of our top priorities, our people are our greatest strength.

The talented individuals who work here are the why behind many things…like our strong belief in developing, rewarding and retaining employees, and our ability to work together toward achieving our purpose to bring color, performance and vibrancy to life.


Our dielectric powders are used in ceramic components for airplane turbine blades to help moderate temperature exposure and frequency control

Animal & crop nutrition

Our manganese minerals and colorants maximize crop production and animal nutrition and meet regulations to minimize environmental impacts

Industrial coatings

Our dry pigments and liquid colorants are used in demanding applications where compatibility, consistency and performance are key

Brick & roof tiles

From natural ceramic colorants to engineered solutions and digital inks, our products enhance brick and roof tile surfaces

Electronic components

Our electronic components enable high-yield processes for electronic devices, offering benefits like better polishing, low defects, excellent stability and longer shelf life

Health & personal care

Our colorants and coatings for cosmetic, dental, pharmaceutical and medical industries enhance consumer products and meet strict regulatory requirements

Showers & bathtubs

Our porcelain enamels and glass materials meet the fashionable and functional requirements of shower and bathtub manufacturers

Decorative bottles

With more than 100 years of expertise, our enamels, glazes, colors, coatings and minerals add vibrancy and functionality to glass products

Automotive interiors

Our inks and colorants make comfort and functionality possible for automotive plastics, ultraviolet- and heat-curing paints and coatings, and water-based, laser-etchable paints

Appliance enamels & coatings

Our genuine porcelain enamel ceramic coatings resist wear from daily use and are made without lead and “forever chemicals”

Auto exterior abrasives & coatings


Our pigment dispersions and auto abrasives are lightweight materials for fiber-reinforced plastics to provide better weather and color resistance in truck beds

Digital inks

Our digitally engineered inks for printing enable precise application, streamlined production and unlimited image reproduction on glass for automotive and transportation, appliance, furniture, architectural and dinnerware markets

Energy efficient materials

Our “cool” pigments and dispersions for building exteriors decrease air conditioning use and energy costs, and improve exterior coating durability

Plastic packaging pigments

Our near-infrared (NIR) pigments make black and dark plastics easily detectable in recycling operations to promote more accurate recycling

Pearls™ technology

Pearls is the first volumetrically dosed tinting system of solid colorants for water-based architectural and industrial applications. Pearls is biocide free, made with 100% recyclable packaging and produces less waste

EV battery materials

High-purity manganese sulfate monohydrate (HPMSM)

Our manganese-based materials are a sustainable, cost-effective way to improve the safety, longevity and thermal stability of EV batteries

EV charging materials

Silicon carbide (SIC) slurries

Our polishing products enable high-yield processes for slurries that minimize defects in microchips and sensors to enable more efficient semiconductor manufacturing

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We understand customer and market challenges and value chains. Our legacy includes centuries of expertise in particle engineering, glass and ceramic science and color technology, which fuels how we think, engineer and create. All in service of our customers, who are experts in their own right.

We are experts helping experts.

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When our customers succeed, we do too. It’s why we often research and develop arm in arm together and have built a reputation as a supplier and advisor. We value the trust customers place in us and it’s why we’ve been partnering with many for over 20 years.

We partner with customers.

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