We are mission critical for planes, rockets and satellites.

As planes, rockets and satellites elevate and travel through different temperatures, critical on-board systems must remain operational. Vibrantz is a leading global supplier of EIA Class I formulated dielectric powders designed for use in the manufacturing of ceramic components such as single layer capacitors (SLC), multilayer ceramic capacitors (MLCC), multichip modules and other devices where temperature compensating and extended frequency performance are required.

As a preferred industry source, Vibrantz offers a large portfolio of optimal dielectric material systems for specific component designs and processing requirements, including:

  • Precious metals compatible dielectrics
  • Base-metal compatible dielectrics

Vibrantz offers silver suspensions for low-temperature, pressure-sintering bonding needed for electronic packaging applications that require superior thermal conductivity and mechanical stability at high temperatures.

We help our customers weather the storm.

We partner with defense and aerospace markets on airplane turbine blades and nozzle guide vanes, the automotive industry for vehicle sensors and integrated circuits for hybrid vehicles, and many more. We can also supply matched electrode and termination inks designed to help reduce product development cycles and optimize electronic component performance.

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