electronic materials
electronic materials

Our electronic materials help power your day.

The things that power our world and help us communicate with each other like satellites, phones and computers are made up of many materials big and small. We offer a full range of engineered electronic materials and custom designed products for hybrid circuits, microelectronics, advanced packaging, multilayer chip components and other electronic devices that will perform under the harshest of conditions and when performance is the most critical.

With over 100 years of experience, Vibrantz offers optimal solutions for end-use markets like automotive and transportation, electronics and health and personal care.

Development of custom material systems

We help our customers meet the changing needs of the electronic component industry. This includes fulfilling component design needs that simply cannot be met using traditional ceramic dielectric formulations. We work closely with our customers to develop innovative dielectric and conductor material systems that are tailored to meet specific performance targets.

Toll manufacturing and custom processing

Our extensive and flexible manufacturing capabilities help our customers produce high-quality products in varying quantities and formulations. Vibrantz’s process engineering and operations teams are ready to enable our customers go to market faster by providing a full range of custom contract manufacturing, joint development programs and toll processing capabilities.

Products and solutions

Download our overview brochure and 5G brochure to learn more about our expanded portfolio of electronic materials.

Electronic and technical metal powders

Electronic component materials

Electronic glass materials

Electronic packaging materials

Manganese products for electronics

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