Health and personal care

We help you develop products with care in mind.

woman holding shower gel bottle
woman holding shower gel bottle

Our colorants and coatings are safe for consumers.

Consumers today are considering what they eat, what medicines they take and the beauty products they use as part of a holistic approach to health and wellness. As regulatory bodies increase their restrictions, we work closely with our customers to deliver safe, meaningful colorant and coating solutions for the cosmetic, dental, pharmaceutical and medical industries.

Our focus on consumer trends and specific industry requirements coupled with technical expertise and innovation capabilities help us contribute strongly to our customers’ success.

Our formulation experts design products with regulations in mind.

We know the important obligation customers have to provide safe and effective health and personal care products to consumers. Our formulation experts assist customers in their product development efforts to ensure regulatory compliance is met every time.

We work closely with our customers to co-innovate and develop customized high-performing and economical coloring solutions based on application requirements and operational processing needs.

We collaborate with our partners to design products that fit varying purpose and performance requirements.

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