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The growing trend of customized eyewear has increased the overall eyeglass demand in the optical industry, as consumers prefer unique products that can be designed according to their needs.

Consumers prefer glasses according to the shape of the face and eyes, the texture and color of the glasses and the design and material of the frame. We offer a wide portfolio of colors and solvent-based coatings for various eyeglass frame materials including polyamides and nylon-based hypoallergenic plastics.

We offer high-performing clear coats designed to enhance the surface design and quality of eyeglass frames, as well as ultraviolet (UV) protection and resistance to perspiration and cosmetics.

Protecting your eyewear plastics.

Our paints and coatings offer various advantages including:

  • Improved adhesion across a wide range of plastics
  • Flexibility for use with many sizes and geometries
  • Excellent chemical and scratch resistance properties
  • Compatibility with additional plastic colors and pigments for limitless design options
  • Availability with many tactile effects and functionality

We work with our customers to find the optimal coating solution tailored to specific needs based on part geometry, the paint-carrying substrate layer, the paint application method, finish, surface feel, acid resistance and other key requirements.

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