Iron and chromite

iron and chromite
iron and chromite

Our iron and chromite products enhance color and performance.

Iron containing products add color and provide functional properties essential to tint glass and ceramics or improve the performance of foundry castings, friction of brake pads and weight of drilling fluids.

Our customers count on Vibrantz to supply the most expansive portfolio of high-quality natural and inorganic iron oxide products used for color and other iron-based additives used for their technical properties in various applications.

Our natural and synthetic iron-based products are used in numerous applications. Only Vibrantz provides:

  • Consistent supply
  • Custom formulations
  • Global production locations
  • Application expertise across markets
  • Widest range of sizing

Add color

  • Enhance red tones in red and buff-burning ceramic bodies for the brick and rooftile industries
  • Natural hematite for automotive and architectural glass to impart solar control, add color and ultraviolet protection
  • Achieve green and amber color glass bottles

Improve foundry castings

  • Eliminate or greatly reduce defects with anti-veining additives
  • Maximum heat sink of any sand media
  • Minimize resin consumption while maintaining high tensile strength

Boost brake pads

  • High-quality iron pyrite valued for its sulfur content
  • Optimized and safe supply chain
  • Multiple processing locations around the globe

Increase density of drilling fluids

  • High-purity natural hematite
  • >4.9 specific gravity
  • Low and ultra-low abrasive weighting agent options

Products and solutions

We have a superior understanding of hematite, magnetite and other types of natural iron and chrome ores. Our portfolio of iron containing products are engineered to have different iron and/or chrome content to suit the needs of each application. Sold in over 20 countries, our products are all manufactured and stocked globally.

Brick iron chromite

Brick red iron oxides

Coal iron oxide

Foundry iron chromite

Foundry iron oxides

Glass iron oxides

Metal sulfides

Oilfield iron oxides

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