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We are coloring the future.

colorful houses
colorful houses

Our color solutions have you covered.

Technology advances have resulted in endless options for paints and coatings, giving customers the freedom to choose color solutions that provide benefits beyond appearance.

The range of options available today allows customers to match the characteristics of a paint or coating to the application’s needs. Our pigment, dispersion and colorant technologies lead the way in serving the global paints and coatings markets. Many of our technologies are engineered to align with environmental trends as our customers seek to lessen their impact on the planet.

We bring over 80 years of experience, multiple manufacturing sites and the industry’s most diverse range of colorants. We solve our customers’ most complex color and appearance challenges, applying the right blend of skill and craftsmanship to any project. Our strong commitment to product quality and customer satisfaction is driven by our focus on quality, efficiency and service.

We’re the one-stop shop for colorants.

Not only do we offer the most differentiated technologies in architectural and industrial coatings, we pride ourselves on being an ongoing partner with customers.

From top-tier technical support to analytical capabilities and color science technologies, we provide more than just the industry’s most expansive portfolio of high-quality colorants. We strive to be your colorant consultant.

We engineer pigments that perform.

We provide organic and inorganic pigments to color coating substrates and offer additional performance characteristics like corrosion inhibition and high heat resistance.

Whether you’re wanting highly opaque pigments to reduce the number of layers you must coat, or prefer vivid painted walls, we have a pigment that will perform.

We are the leading global producer of complex inorganic color pigments with four manufacturing plants across three regions. These durable pigments are resistant to harsh conditions like light, weather, solvent, acid and alkaline.

Achieve design freedom with our tinting software, Innovatint.

Our point-of-sale tinting software, Innovatint 4, offers the simplest and quickest way to operate tinting machines, allowing complete control over the color matching and tinting process.

This cloud-based technology seamlessly connects, stores and organizes data, increasing productivity, efficiency and sales. We have a dedicated development to help integrate Innovatint into paint company systems, enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management, e-commerce and PowerBI platforms.

Learn more about our Innovatint software solution here.

We provide the broadest range of products in the industries we serve. Our well-recognized brands are supported by our global commercial and operational footprint, offering ongoing expertise to your business.

We collaborate with our partners to design products that fit varying purpose and performance requirements.

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