Our durable color solutions fit the most demanding applications.

Industrial coating manufacturers require colorant solutions they can count on. These demanding applications involve products that are high-performing, reliable and compatible across various applications. Our durable color solutions were designed for use where superior compatibility, consistency and performance are key.

We bring more than 80 years of experience, multiple manufacturing sites and the most diverse portfolio of colorants, pigments and tinting systems to demanding applications like:

  • Industrial maintenance coatings
  • Protective and marine coatings
  • Wood coatings
  • Automotive refinish coatings
  • Automotive OEM coatings
  • Non-automotive OEM paint
  • Adhesives and sealants

Achieve high compatibility, consistency and performance with our products.

Our industrial liquid colorants are designed to meet even the most stringent requirements, achieving the optimum balance between color space coverage and traits such as lightfastness and durability. All our products are rigorously tested in our state-of-the-art laboratory using advanced equipment to ensure batch-to-batch consistency.

To ensure consistent quality, our colorants are tightly controlled for tint strength, color and viscosity, allowing reproducible color matches in the plant or at a tinting center. Our wide range of high-performance colorants include solvent-free, resin-, solvent- and water-based, and solid chip dispersions.

We focus on tailoring our colorants and color system solutions to achieve optimum balance between color space coverage and the specific performance requirements of your coating.

We lead the way in sustainable pigments that perform.

We know the importance of protecting your coating from potential wear and tear. Our portfolio of organic and inorganic pigments provides performance advantages like corrosion inhibition and high heat resistance, in addition to effective coloring capabilities.

We are the leading global producer of complex inorganic color pigments with four manufacturing plants across three regions. These durable pigments are resistant to harsh conditions like light, weather, solvent, acid and alkaline.

Infrared (IR) reflective technology supports the demand for sustainable solutions for building and construction applications. Some of our pigments provide transparency which can enhance special effects like aluminum or pearlescent shine.

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