Drilling fluid additives

Drilling fluids
Drilling fluids

We deliver powerful drilling possibilities.

Oilfield service companies need to provide high-performing, cost-effective products so their customers can drill efficiently and lower overall well costs. Vibrantz sources high-quality raw materials to meet the ever-changing demands of the drilling fluids industry such as longer lateral wells, hotter temperatures and managed pressure drilling.

We have the flexibility and innovation capabilities to develop products fit for various market needs.

Customers can confidently trust that our product suite is available to meet any drilling challenge:

We supply mixed metal oxides (MMOs); weighting agents; loss circulation and seepage control additives; shale and fluid loss control additives; viscosifiers; lubricants; thinners; emulsifiers and wetting agents; specialty products; and commodity additives.

Your Houston-based partner for specialty drilling fluid additives.

We bring over 60 years of drilling fluid experience, multiple international manufacturing sites and a dedicated fluids innovation center. We continuously partner with customers to develop new products and offer custom grinding, sizing and blending capabilities.

Our products excel in oilfield drilling applications including:

  • Directional or horizontal drilling
  • Extended reach wells
  • Managed pressure drilling environments
  • Deepwater environments with a limited hydraulic window
  • High-pressure, high-temperature (HPHT) wells
  • Conventional and unconventional drilling applications

Products and solutions

Commodity additives

Invert emulsifiers and wetting agents

Loss circulation and seepage control

Lubricant products

Mixed metal oxides

Shale and fluid loss control additives

Specialty products



Weighting agents

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