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roof tiles in ibiza
roof tiles in ibiza

We ensure optimal color, piece by piece.

Structural ceramics have been a cornerstone of the global construction industry for centuries due to their durability, versatility and energy efficiency. Builders seek the most resilient, yet flexible, solutions when it comes to color variations. We bring over 100 years of technical expertise and the industry’s most comprehensive selection of high-quality engineered materials and additives for the global clay product market.

From natural ceramic colorants to engineered solutions, for both through-the-body colorants and surface technologies, we deliver high-performance products that provide the solutions our customers need to optimize desired color applications, minimize risk and increase productivity.

We are the largest global supplier of clay colorants and the only U.S. manufacturer of manganese colorants for the North American brick market.

Our engobes and glazes enhance structural ceramic surfaces.

Builders and homeowners today desire a variety of color and performance options in their clay-based roof tile materials. Our glazes and engobes significantly improve the quality of roof tiles, bricks, clinkers and claddings by enhancing color brilliance and reducing dirt retention.

We have a century of experience and the most diverse portfolio of engobes and glazes in the structural ceramics industries. Vibrantz provides smooth, long-lasting and vividly colored products that don’t fade. Available in lead-free formulations, our glazes and engobes provide an array of surface effects including metallic aesthetics, smoothness, matte and gloss.

Our clay-based engobes and glazes are adapted to be used from 900°C to 1100°C. They produce matte or satin gloss surface effects and can be applied by disc spraying, rolling and many other methods. Distinguished by excellent opacity, our engobes add a flawless, natural appearance to any design.

Containing frits and mineral pigments that are manufactured in-house, our lead-free glazes offer structural ceramic manufacturers the ability to provide a palette of colors with a high-gloss and smooth glassy covering. Like our engobes, they can be applied to wet or dry substrates using several methods.

Our digitally printed inks help your terracotta roof tiles stand out.

We specialize in producing submicronic ceramic and pigmented inks for digital printing that are designed to add value to structural ceramics by enriching the surfaces both technically and aesthetically.

Based on inorganic pigments and ceramic raw materials, our Coverinks® products offer a wide color array and are suitable for commonly used print heads on the digital printing market.

Coverinks advantages:

  • Non-hazardous and odorless organic solvents with reduced drying
  • Various ceramic effects including opacity, gloss, selective gluing and maticity
  • High pigment ratios to optimize ink intensities
  • Extended color range
  • Improved thermal stability
  • Sustainable formulations including vegetable origin solvents, no hydrocarbons and safe storage

We help customize your design.

Our in-house, vertically integrated offering of structural ceramic stain, frit, additive and digital ink technology and production capabilities allows us to offer custom glaze and engobe formulations that span the entire color space. These formulations are available with or without additives and can be provided in pre-milled or dispersible powder form to fit specific requirements.

We also supply products in slip form where customers can adjust viscosity and density to meet their production needs.

We offer optimal performance for all applications.

Available in a range of colors, finishes and textures, our products are suitable for application to wet or dry clay products and inks and for a range of firing temperatures and atmospheres.

We deliver optimal glaze and engobe performance by determining the suitability of the product’s compatibility with the clay body during drying and firing based specifically on its thermal expansion coefficient and softening point.

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