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Our manganese products are trusted everywhere.

Our customers need to be confident in the raw materials they use. We bring over 60 years of manganese experience, multiple international manufacturing sites and the industry’s largest product range. Vibrantz offers customers optimal solutions for end-use markets like battery, agriculture, construction, water treatment and electronics. We are the one-stop provider for:

  • Electrolytic manganese dioxide for alkaline batteries
  • Bioavailable manganese sulfate and manganese oxide for animal feed and fertilizer
  • Through-the-body brick colorants
  • Manganese filter media for potable water
  • Other high performance manganese salts and oxides

Consistent quality

  • Purest manganese derivatives
  • Reliable product consistency backed by in-house manganese analytical capabilities
  • Strong continuous improvement culture

Safe and sustainable

  • Products with lower CO2 emissions per unit metric ton produced than competitors
  • Agricultural certifications for specific uses such as animal feed safety and organic use
  • Potable water certifications

Readily available

  • Nine global production sites
  • Security of raw materials with production close to critical end-markets
  • Raw material expertise with global relationships and secondary manganese sources

Superior analytical and innovation capabilities

We expertly identify and source raw materials for our mineral and hydrometallurgical plants that produce manganese oxides and salts. Our processing know-how allows us to achieve the chemical purity and physical properties required for optimal performance.

We also have the widest manganese chemical product range from mineral blends, to engineered, high-performance and ultra-pure products.

Vibrantz offers the highest purity manganese salts and oxides specifically designed for the growing lithium-ion battery industry. We supply the widest range of precursors for lithium manganese oxide and other cathode materials critical to lithium-ion battery performance.

Products and solutions

We’re intently customer-focused and lean into decades of application expertise to serve the world’s manganese needs. Our portfolio of manganese-derived products are engineered to meet the needs of each application.

Battery grade high-purity manganese sulfate

Brick colorants

EMD – Electrolytic manganese dioxide

Manganese filter media

Mn(NO3)2 – Manganese nitrate

Mn2O3 – Manganese sesquioxide

Mn3O4 – Mangano manganic oxide

MnCl2 – Manganese chloride

MnCO3 – Manganese carbonate

MnO – Manganese oxide

MnO2 – Manganese dioxide

MnSO4 – Agricultural grade manganese sulfate

We collaborate with our partners to design products that fit varying purpose and performance requirements.

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