Friction and abrasives

Our materials enable smoother finishes and cleaner cuts.

friction machinery
friction machinery

Our materials make stronger grinding wheels and quieter brake pads.

Manufacturers hope they can make clean cuts and that their equipment last longer, so they don’t have to replace it as often. Our materials make grinding wheels last longer, cut deeper and more efficiently. Vibrantz services the abrasive grinding wheel industry with a range of products including metal sulfides, metal fluorides, specialty frits and other active fillers. Vibrantz’s products are additive solutions to improve cutting/grinding performance and aging characteristics. Additionally, we provide the materials needed for improved brake pad performance. Our high-purity minerals are ground, screened, and sized to industry specifications to support the market objective of developing quieter and longer lasting brake pads.

Our materials enable smooth surface finishing.

Consumers desire smoother finishes on materials like their camera lenses, eyeglasses, phones and vehicles. We offer a wide range of materials used for polishing. Our materials provide stable viscosity, low dusting and easy cleaning properties. They will work equally well with natural and synthetic polishing pads and with both rotary and orbital polishers.

With more than 100 years of expertise, we support manufacturers in markets such as:

We provide our customers with consistency, increased productivity and dedicated service through our innovation centers and technical service teams. Along with our world-class expertise and quality management systems, our ability to manufacture and distribute globally from various Vibrantz locations provides our customers with the assurance of consistency.

We collaborate with our partners to design products that fit varying purpose and performance requirements.

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