We provide materials for quieter and more durable brake pads.

One of the most important components of your vehicle is your brake pads. They create friction that help stop your car. You don’t want to replace them often and you don’t want to hear them screech every time you press on the brakes.

Our materials used in the manufacturing of grinding wheels and brake pads, offer high temperature lubrication, abrasive characteristics, and excellent compatibility with resin and other ingredients. Vibrantz’s high-quality products help brake pads manufacturers develop quieter and longer lasting brake pads.

This includes OEM and aftermarket manufacturers producing semi-metallic, metallic, and ceramic pads. Our experience in process engineering and the ability to manufacture specialty custom blends across the globe makes Vibrantz the preferred choice for all brake pad manufacturers.

Our high performing, environmentally friendly raw materials allow customers to eliminate or reduce their reliance on antimony, lead, and copper.

Our materials improve brake pad performance.

Vibrantz services the global friction industry with a range of high-quality mineral products. Our abrasives, lubricants, and active fillers include iron pyrites, magnetite, hematite, zircon flour, chromite flour, and magnesium oxide. Our high-purity minerals are ground, screened, and sized to industry specifications to support the market objective of developing quieter and longer lasting brake pads.

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