Industrial specialty materials and glasses

Industrial specialty materials and glasses
Industrial specialty materials and glasses

Our industrial specialty materials optimize everyday items.

Each day, we use or observe myriad innovations that have been improved by industrial specialty materials and glasses. From airplanes in the sky, to a dental filing, to home roofing, bathroom and kitchen materials – heat resistance and appealing aesthetics are nonnegotiable. With over 100 years of experience, Vibrantz offers optimal solutions for end-use markets like automotive and transportation, construction, friction and abrasives, health and personal care and home furnishings and appliances. Our materials can be found in:

  • Airplanes – our cobalt aluminate inoculants meet the high-performance and tight tolerance demands required during the investment casting process in producing turbine blades and nozzle guide vanes.
  • Dental implants and filings – our dental glass powders are designed to deliver improved surface hardness, a highly aesthetic appearance, and good wear resistance. Vibrantz dental glass powders offer high mechanical and mechanical strength and allow fillings to be polished like a tooth. Additionally, we provide a complete spectrum of ceramic dental pigments that have long been recognized in the dental industry for delivering aesthetic excellence through their ability to closely mimic the shades and textures of a natural tooth.
  • Grinding wheels – we provide specialty glass frits used to create vitrified bonds that help embed and bind abrasive grains together in traditional and highly abrasive grinding wheels. Our glass frits enable a proper bond designed to impart hardness, strength and optimal ability for efficient cutting.
  • Home appliances – our industrial ceramic pigments are designed to color all types of special glazes and bodies used for sanitaryware, like sinks, bathtubs and showers. We also provide glazes for ceramic stoves as well as frits and stains that can be added to our customers’ own glaze formulations to provide enhanced colors and properties.

Our materials can also be found in:

  • Industrial ceramics – we design ceramic pigments to color all types of special glazes and bodies used for industrial ceramics. Our InstantColor® ceramic pigment stains offer 25 shades that result in an infinite number of colors that exhibit high purity, intensity and brilliance within the complete color spectrum.
  • Process temperature control rings – we provide ceramic process temperature control rings (PTCRs) designed to deliver accurate and consistent temperature measurement in batch and continuous high-temperature processes.
  • Refractory materials – we offer a wide range of specialty glass and glazes designed to be used in different refractory applications. They can be applied as sinter agents, coatings or additives to introduce different properties.
  • Roof tiles – our roof tile glazes and engobes provide roof protection that significantly reduces dirt retention, algae and moss growth on the roof tile surface and a beautiful high-quality smooth tile surface with many effect options that include semi-matte and matte finishes.
  • Safety cables – we offer specialty glass to protect safety cables in the event of a fire.
  • Surgical operations – we produce bioactive glasses mainly used to improve and support the healing process of bone-related defects because of traumatic events, tumor removal, congenital pathologies, implant revisions or infections.
  • Technical ceramics – our specialty glazes can improve the surface quality properties of the entire technical ceramic component by creating a smoother surface and making it easy to remove unwanted residue.

Products and solutions

Our broad portfolio of industrial specialty materials includes innovative high-performance specialty pigments and glass engineered to customer requirements. We offer engineered porcelain enamel frits in powder, paste, ready-to-mill and ready-to-use (RTU) forms. Our products are specifically formulated to provide a wide range of chemical, physical and aesthetic properties to meet customer needs.

Bioactive glass

Cobalt aluminate inoculants for investment casting

Dental pigments

Industrial ceramic pigments

Process temperature control rings

Specialty frits and pigments for sanitaryware

Specialty frits for safety cables

Specialty frits for vitreous grinding wheels

Specialty glass and glazes for refractory materials

Specialty glass frits for superabrasive grinding wheels

Specialty glazes for technical ceramics

Stove tile glazes

Ultrapure dental glass powders

Vibrantz works closely with our customers to innovate and develop customized high-performing and economical coloring solutions based on application requirements and operational processing needs, including tailored formulations and formulation guides. For customers who need additional manufacturing capabilities, we provide a full range of manufacturing capacities, from pilot runs to full-scale production.

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