Our CSR commitment

At Vibrantz, our corporate strategy centers around being a responsible corporate citizen. To us, that means we are keenly focused on enriching our culture, businesses, communities and the planet as vital components of our work to ensure our business thrives. Today and tomorrow.

A message from our CEO

At Vibrantz, we often say that “we elevate the everyday.” Our core purpose is to bring color, performance and vibrancy to life and – daily – we live out this calling by providing critical, high-value products, cultivating a creative and collaborative spirit among employees, and being a responsible and impactful presence in our communities.

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Our future is bright

We are laying a strong foundation for our future that will ensure we work resiliently and inclusively.


April 2022

  • Vibrantz formed from the combination of Chromaflo, Ferro and Prince

September 2022

  • First annual global five-kilometer (5K) event brought together employees and their families

November 2022

  • Partnered with Nature Positive

December 2022

  • CSR Council formed
  • Materiality assessment began
  • CSR employee survey conducted


January 2023

  • CSR roadmap finalized

April 2023

  • EcoVadis supply chain assessment for Color Solutions EMEA launched
  • Materiality assessment completed

June 2023

  • Began implementation of employee involvement committees at sites to support culture and engagement efforts

August 2023

  • Launched “Vibrantz in Action” global philanthropy program

September 2023

  • EcoVadis supply chain assessment for Color Solutions EMEA completed
  • Second annual global 5K event
  • Sustainable Procurement policies completed and shared

November 2023

  • Launched Supplier Code of Conduct acknowledgement
  • US Employee Handbook completed

December 2023

  • EcoVadis “Committed” badge achieved
  • EcoVadis supply chain assessment for EMEA launched
  • 90% of sites had employee involvement committees established


April 2024

  • Launched inaugural CSR report

A Q&A with our CSR Council Lead

We are thinking, working and living today in ways that positively impact our stakeholders and ensure the longevity of our organization.

– Alison Landis, VP, associate general counsel

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Our CSR mindset

At the core of our CSR efforts is a powerful shared belief that we are the best versions of ourselves when we are positively impacting others. Our CSR mindset is centered around four key facets. We aim to be ethically centered, socially connected, environmentally responsible and financially disciplined.

Ethically Centered

We engage honestly with employees, make a positive impact, are authentic and build long-term trust with our stakeholders.

Socially Connected

We actively support each other’s betterment through ongoing connection to and celebration of our values, and we give back to our communities through volunteering.

Financially Disciplined

We make intelligent investments that consider more than the bottom line, including business opportunities that align with our core purpose, improve risk management and promote innovation.

Environmentally Responsible

Environmental stewardship is one of our core values and we recognize the importance of embracing sustainable practices in our operations.

Vibrantz submitted our first EcoVadis assessment in December 2023, with 55 pieces of evidence demonstrating our progress. We are proud that, after only 18 months of operating as one business, we achieved a “Committed” badge. We scored 50 of 100 in the environmental category and 60 of 100 in sustainable procurement. Our Spain subsidiary maintained their Platinum medal, while our subsidiary in The Netherlands scored a Silver medal in 2023.

Vibrantz is part of the United Nations’ (UN) Global Compact initiative – a voluntary leadership platform for the development, implementation and disclosure of responsible business practices.

The UN Global Compact is the largest corporate sustainability initiative in the world and is a call to companies to align their operations and strategies with ten universally accepted principles in the areas of human rights, labor, environment and anti-corruption, and to take action to support the UN goals and issues embodied in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Key achievements

To drive progress, we established a CSR Council with key stakeholders who are championing positive impact at Vibrantz. Sustainability is championed at the highest level by our CEO, Michael Wilson. The CSR Council will play a central role in ensuring sustainability remains at the heart of our everyday.

Stakeholder Impact

Better connect audiences to the long-term impacts of our purpose.

Sustainable Procurement

Develop sustainable procurement values, policies and processes to improve our performance.

Environment and Systems

Assess our environmental impact and develop systems, strategies and targets to improve performance.

Product Stewardship

Review impacts in our product value chains and manage our resources to minimize negative impacts.

Products and Analytics

Analyze the full life-cycle of our products from cradle to grave to drive differentiated value propositions.

Legal and Finance

Promote ethics, risk analysis, policies and procedures and compliance with sustainability regulations.

Our Scorecard

Material Topic Key Performance Indicator Target Target Year
Health and safety
Ethically Centered Total recordable incident rate (TRIR) 0.9 TRIR
0.4 TRIR
0.2 TRIR
Community relations
Socially Connected Percentage (%) of total employees that participate in a “Vibrantz in Action” event 40%
Greenhouse gas emissions
Environmentally Responsible Reduction in total Scope 1 and 2 GHG emissions based on 2022 baseline 4% 2025
Long-term Scope 1 and 2 emissions reduction target set Completed 2024
Carbon management plan and Scope 3 targets complete for high priority sites Completed 2026
Product lifecycle and sustainable sourcing
Financially Disciplined Lifecycle assessments on all six pilot products Completed 2025
EcoVadis supply chain assessment complete for three business units and operating regions 100% 2025

Our key growth technologies

We are focused on innovative opportunities that enable us to grow our core businesses, enhance our impact on the global energy transition and reduce our environmental footprint.

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Product spotlights

Our products are used in small amounts to make sizable impacts on a variety of industrial and consumer applications. The green leaf denotes a Vibrantz-led initiative that aims to reduce environmental impact, conserve resources, increase recycling and/or promote sustainability.