The electronics market has undergone a rather extraordinary transformation in the last few decades, driven by rapid technological advancements and increasing integration of electronics into our daily routines. Our personal computers, mobile devices, smart home technologies, wearables and connected vehicles are almost necessities in our everyday lives.

Surface polishing’s critical role in electronics manufacturing

Precision is paramount in the dynamic world of electronics manufacturing. Whether it’s the intricate components of a computer chip or the cutting-edge technology in electric vehicles (EVs), achieving a flawlessly smooth surface is a crucial step. As electronics have evolved – shrinking in size while expanding in functionality – the need for precise surface polishing and chemical mechanical planarization (CMP) processes have become increasingly important.

CMP, a process utilizing specialized slurries to blend mechanical abrasion with chemical reactions to make surfaces perfectly flat and uniform, plays a pivotal role in guaranteeing the seamless functionality and reliability of electronic devices.

Slurries serve a dual purpose in CMP

Slurries play a key role in creating high-quality semiconductor devices with flat and smooth surfaces, which are essential for proper device performance and reliability. They are an essential part of the CMP process providing:

  • Material removal: The abrasive particles in slurries act as a microscopic sandpaper, gently wearing down uneven or excess material from the surface of the electronic component.
  • Chemical control: The chemicals in slurries are crucial in controlling the chemical reactions that take place during CMP. These reactions help in selectively removing specific materials while preserving others. This recision is vital to the integrity of the component’s functionality.

Customized CMP solutions

At Vibrantz, we recognize there is not a one-size-fits-all solution for electronics manufacturers. Our technical team collaborates with customers to reformulate and optimize slurry solutions. Our CMP slurries enable high-yield processes for next-generation devices, offering properties like better polishing capability, low defectivity, excellent stability and extended shelf life. We also work with customers to design custom polishing products with tailored properties required for increasingly complex CMP process requirements. Our entire production process is in-house, allowing us to have full technical and quality control of our products.

With two fully staffed CMP R&D teams, Vibrantz is pushing past barriers through innovative product development in the fast-growing silicon carbide (SIC) and colloidal ceria markets. With pioneering SIC slurry products developed in facilities around the world, Vibrantz is considered an industry leader in SIC advancement. Our technologies offer optimal performance while keeping cost and product yield as a top priority. As the semiconductor industry advances and devices become more complex, the importance of CMP in achieving high-quality electronic devices continues to grow. Learn more about our innovative role in surface polishing technologies here.

Heidi Vanhalle

Global Commercial Director, Electronics and Surface Technology

Heidi Vanhalle

Global Commercial Director, Electronics and Surface Technology

VanHalle formerly served as business manager, surface technology for Advanced Materials at Vibrantz before assuming the role of global commercial director of electronics and surface technology in April 2023. Prior to Vibrantz, she spent 11 years at Ferro where she progressed from customer sales manager to surface technology business manager. VanHalle also spent five years at Guardian Industries in various roles including operations, human resources and inside sales. She is a graduate of the University of Iowa where she holds her Bachelor of Science in accounting.