We provide colorings to make your plates and bowls visually appealing.

After cooking a meal, you want to place it in or on dinnerware that looks as good as the meal does. Vibrantz materials make your plates and bowls colorful and functional. Our materials are formulated specifically for dinner and tableware in many different forms such as ceramic, glass or plastic. Our products provide limitless color ranges and options, making it the first choice where the design of needs to meet exceptional requirements. Due to its outstanding resistance properties our heavy metal-free glass coating one-component system is especially suited for the coating of household glassware such as drinking glasses, plates or bowls that are subject to regular cleaning in a dishwasher. Our coatings are certified for direct food contact and correspond to local food regulations.

Our coatings provide unique properties to dinner and tableware manufacturers:

  • Excellent adhesion on glass
  • Eco-friendly
  • One-component – no hardener or activator needed
  • A wide range of metallic colors and effects and limitless color ranges and options

Our color range advantages provide:

  • Bright transparent appearance after firing with a highly glossy surface
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Good mechanical resistance
  • Good dishwasher resistance
  • No chipping, even in thicker layers
  • Work in a wide firing range
  • Suitable for fast firing cycles on porcelain and bone china
  • Intermixable colors in any ratio

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