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supermarket packaging plastic bottles
supermarket packaging plastic bottles

We develop materials for better packaging.

There are numerous reasons for different kinds of packaging – convenience, purity, concerns about deterioration and brand identity. Vibrantz is a leading global producer of coatings, inks and pigments that provide various levels of customization for customers. You can trust our materials to meet your packaging needs when you need to:

  • Keep food safe
  • Store and protect goods
  • Maintain a pure environment for pharmaceutical and medical uses
  • Bring your packaging to life through unique designs

Vibrantz delivers high-performing, customized solutions for your manufacturing process in the production of items such as glass bottles, plastic and metal cans, drums and bulk containers. Manufacturers can maintain the flexibility they need while also meeting requirements of their end-user.

Coatings, inks and pigments are not just visual effects for packaging. They also provide functional properties, such as scuff, abrasion and puncture resistance, as well as barrier protection. Our materials can decrease the number of structural layers by increasing the coating functionality.

We collaborate with our partners to design products that fit varying purpose and performance requirements.

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