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Shifting lead regulations forced the glass industry to find new solutions for glass packaging and tableware.

To help our customers meet this shift, Vibrantz provides glass decoration solutions such as toxic-free materials, organic colors and waterborne coatings with high adhesion and scratch resistance. We have a long history of partnering with our customers in the beverage market to enable brand recognition through aesthetic qualities applied on bottles for soft drinks, beer, water, wine, spirits and other assorted beverages. Additionally, we have served the cosmetics packaging, glass tableware and drinkware markets to help them bring their brands to life.

We provide an expansive range of high-quality products.

Vibrantz is a one-stop-shop supplier and is the only global supplier of both hot end and cold end products for the glass packaging industry.

  • Glass concentrates – high oxide containing, reduced feed rate, low dust pellets with superior performance and reduced seed formation. These products are either single or multi-oxide containing and are formulated to ensure quality and color stability.
  • Glass frits – single oxide containing frits which are adapted to the glass composition and processing parameters of individual customers. The frits are then blended by the customer to produce a wide range of colors.
  • Glass enamels – lead-free decorative enamels and coatings used for brand recognition and decoration. These products are dishwasher resistant for tableware glass.
  • Mineral batch additives – iron and chrome products for green and amber furnace coloration additives for glass bottles.

Vibrantz supplies an extensive range of leaded and lead-free glass enamel coatings for a variety of functional and aesthetic purposes.

The advantages of organic coatings, such as cadmium-free reds, warm color tones and the special effects and flexibility for smaller series have helped grow applications and color effect in the decoration space.

We are the preferred partner for container glass and bottle producers.

Vibrantz offers mineral specialties for batch formulation as well as forehearth color solutions. Whether you prefer us to help for your flint glass stability, your green or amber tank coloration, or would like to obtain bright blues, blacks, emerald greens and pinks using our forehearth materials, you can count on more than 50 years of technical expertise to ensure glass quality and color stability, easy usage with customized solutions, always matching drastic regulation standards and satisfying end customers need.

Additionally, ChromOx® is the preferred ingredient for making standard Emerald Green in a typical soda-lime container glass. ChromOx® can also be used in combination with Pyritemax® to produce Dead Leaf, and at a much lower addition rate, to produce Georgia Green. Respected globally for its high quality and consistency, our finely milled ChromOx® is approved as a colorant for glass and ceramics with the following benefits:

  • Cr content to suit application
  • ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and OHSAS 18001 certified manufacturing processes
  • Sold in over 20 countries
  • Widely accepted industry standard for glass
  • Multiple stocking locations

Our enamels and coatings can provide long-lasting functionality

  • Outstanding dishwasher resistance to protect your designs for premium drinkware.
  • Strict and controlled processes to standardize safe pharmaceutical glass applications.
  • Special effects to emphasize unique glass objects.

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