Our porcelain enamels help your appliances perform better.

Numerous household components use porcelain enamel because of its hard and corrosion and heat resistant properties. Our customers need trusted raw materials to manufacture products from architectural panels and major appliances to bathtubs, sinks and water heaters. With over 100 years of porcelain enamel experience, Vibrantz offers optimal solutions for end-use markets like construction and home furnishings and appliances. Our enamels can be found in:

  • Architectural panels – colorful enameled building facades are produced on steel or aluminum, are impervious to UV light, and resist graffiti.
  • Barbecue grills – enamels provide the grills with the ability to withstand outdoor conditions and stand up against the heating of the grill.
  • Cookware – the enamels add long-lasting color to aluminum, cast iron and steel cookware. Porcelain enamel provides an easy-to-clean finish that is free of organic chemicals like PFOA and PTFE.
  • General industrial – Other uses for porcelain enamels are farm products storage, water storage, chemical food processing equipment, heat exchangers, pipe linings, electronic substrates, refractories, heating equipment and signage.
  • Major appliances – Enamels are the preferred finish for oven interiors because of acid and heat resistance and their ability to be cleaned easily. AquaRealEase® has revolutionized ovens by offering a short low-temperature clean cycle with only warm water. Enamels are also widely used on cooktops and ranges. Detergent resistant enamels are used on the interior and tops of home laundry washing machines.
  • Sinks and bathtubs – Enamel is selected for use on sinks and bathtubs for its detergent resistance, abrasion resistance, scratch resistance and easy cleanability. A wide variety of colors are available.
  • Water heaters/boilers – Glass-lined water heaters are coated with porcelain enamel for water and corrosion resistance. We offer water heater enamels capable of meeting water resistance requirements.

We are experts in enamels for appliances.

Vibrantz offers ready-to-use (RTU) porcelain enamels that remove the need for milling by the enameller. They are supplied as a pre-milled powder, including frits, pigments and mill additions. They can be applied by wet spraying, flow coating or dipping.

The chemical, physical and aesthetic properties of RTU porcelain enamels can be tailored to suit the final application of the coated pieces. Typical engineered RTU porcelain enamel heat transfer unit (HTU) properties for appliance applications include acid and alkali resistance, pyrolytic performance, color and gloss level.

RTU ground coats are formulated to be applied in a single coat, generally for use on steel but also on cast iron. Our pyrolytic ground coats are engineered to withstand many clean cycles without fading or cracking. For self-cleaning oven applications, our ground coats are designed to work in conditions where the oven temperature is raised to approximately 900°F (480° C) for three hours during the pyrolytic cycle to transform burned-on food residues into easily removable ash.

Vibrantz RTU porcelain enamel ground and cover coats are compliant with US FDA and EU REACH regulations.

AquaRealEase® RTU powder

AquaRealEase® patented porcelain enamel coatings enable energy-efficient, self-cleaning ovens that breakdown the toughest messes. In a low-temperature oven lined with AquaRealEase, tough soils like baked-on strawberry pie spills wipe clean with a damp cloth after soaking or exposure to steam from water heated at just 190° F (88°C) for one hour.

AquaRealEase reduces energy usage and eliminates odor from incineration or oven cleaners. It also eliminates the need for an expensive self-cleaning system that operates at temperatures of 900°F (480°C) and can save manufacturers the cost of extra insulation and safety interlocks.

Evolution® RTU powder

Evolution™ porcelain enamel coatings take today’s stylish metallic kitchen finishes to a higher level, with performance that maintains beauty to build long-term brand popularity. Unlike stainless steel, Evolution does not show noticeable fingerprints or discolor from heat, and is resistant to stains, scratching and chemical cleaners.

In addition to providing a long-lasting, easy-care finish, Evolution is a cost-effective alternative to stainless steel and copper for manufacturers facing escalating metal prices. Product differentiation is enhanced with Evolution’s extensive range of custom metallic colors.

Products and solutions

We offer engineered porcelain enamel frits in powder, paste, ready-to-mill and ready-to-use (RTU) forms. Our products are specifically formulated to provide a wide range of chemical, physical and aesthetic properties to meet our customers’ needs.

Porcelain enamel powders

Porcelain enamel screening-decoration pastes and powders

Ready-to-mill porcelain enamel materials

Ready-to-use (RTU) porcelain enamel cover coats and ground coats for appliances

Vibrantz porcelain enamel technical support personnel are involved in our customers’ porcelain enamel material specifications and evaluation, product design and manufacturing process characterization to deliver optimal and effective application.

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