Our pigments make your packaging stand out.

Packaging is a critical element of brand differentiation and consumers increasingly appreciate product look and feel as they make buying decisions. Vibrantz pigments often provide brighter, stronger and more transparent properties to elevate your packaging.

We help our customers develop custom pigment formulations tailored around various properties like opacity, heat fastness, light fastness and weather and chemical resistance levels. Additionally, our pigments can help customer simplify the important process of paint dispersal in manufacturing.

We help make packaging better performing.

The shift to more sustainable packaging has driven the demand for materials to help with more than just simple coloration. Our inorganic pigments helps packaging be more stable against harsh environmental and chemicals conditions than organic pigments, while offering the advantage of lower production costs.

Additionally, we are helping make the recyclability of black plastics possible. Our near infrared detectable pigments make black plastic recycling FDA and EU 10/2011 compliant.

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