The concept of sustainability is becoming increasingly important in the coatings industry, whether to meet regulatory requirements or growing customer and consumer demands. Vibrantz’s Color Solutions team turned this challenge into an opportunity and developed Pearls, a high-performing and sustainable solution that revolutionizes the colorant tinting process.

Pearls is the coatings industry’s first and only volumetrically dosed tinting system of solid colorants designed for use in waterborne architectural and industrial applications. This patented technology gives colorant companies a glimpse into the future of point-of-sale tinting. Pearls is uniquely positioned to offer sustainability and performance advantages all while streamlining the tinting process.

Several benefits rolled into one technology

Sustainability advantages:

  • Biocide-free
  • 100% recyclable packaging
  • Reduced waste
  • Extended shelf life

Performance gains:

  • Highly soluble
  • Superior tinting consistency
  • Accurately dispensed
  • Low impact on paint properties

Tinting system benefits:

  • Overall cost savings
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Simple to service
  • Improved cleanliness

An accurate, low-maintenance tinting concept that is easy to use and saves money

Pearls simplifies the colorant process by reducing the need for additional additives, minimizing the general impact on important properties of the end-use paint. Solid colorants will not dry out, thicken or sediment, even with low colorant consumption, increasing shelf life substantially even after being in the dispenser.

Due to their solid form and low dusting properties, Pearls are cleaner and more user-friendly than competing technologies, and the packaging is 100% recyclable.

Pearls innovation gains momentum at the European Coatings Show

After years of development and testing, Vibrantz officially introduced this disruptive technology at the European Coatings Show (ECS) in March 2023 in Nuremburg, Germany. Over the course of three days, hundreds of attendees gathered to watch machine demonstrations and learn about Pearls™ unique advantages. Our technical team was available to share insight, prove ease of use and answer any questions surrounding the latest innovation.

“We were thrilled to introduce this highly anticipated technology to ECS attendees. Our team has worked diligently to bring the Pearls concept to life, and we look forward to partnering with coatings customers to help them realize the unique sustainability, performance and cost advantages of this technology.”

Barry Misquitta, President, Color Solutions

Learn more about Pearls

As we continue to make Pearls available industry-wide, we’re showcasing the technology at upcoming industry events around the globe. Contact or visit our landing page to learn more.

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Martijn Kunnen

Commercial Director, Color Solutions, EMEA

Martijn Kunnen

Commercial Director, Color Solutions, EMEA

Kunnen serves as the EMEA commercial director and global strategy for colorants at Vibrantz With and has more than 20 years of commercial experience in the colorant industry. Kunnen began his career as a chemist at CPS Color in the 1990s. During his tenure at CPS Color, Kunnen held various technical and commercial roles, including technical key account manager for Germany, Austria and Switzerland, EMEA vice president and director of sales for coatings EMEA. Kunnen received his associate degree in chemistry from MLO Sittard in the Netherlands.