There is much conversation around environmental, social, governance (ESG) and sustainability topics, both positive and negative. Some news could lead us to believe sustainability does not and should not matter. International agreements around climate, nature and human rights, and European initiatives and laws, however, indicate the importance of sustainability for companies, especially those that are global. What is Vibrantz’s view?

At Vibrantz, the answer is simple: We will always do what we believe is right for our people, stakeholders and the planet. This means we will consider how our actions impact our business and surrounding communities and environments, today and in the future, and continue to keep CSR integrated into our business strategy. 

The definition or hierarchy of words like “sustainability,” “ESG” and “CSR” are debated often. How and why did we land on CSR?

We recognize there are many overlapping terms that define business approaches related to social, environmental and economic issues.  

We have often said that our approach must be authentic. Vibrantz gravitated strongly toward CSR because we believe it best captures the spirit of what we aim to achieve, which is to be a company that provides world-class products and services while considering our people, community, planet and financial performance. We want to think, work and live today in ways that positively impact our stakeholders and ensure the longevity of our organization.

At Vibrantz, the answer is simple: We will always do what we believe is right for our people, stakeholders and the planet.

When asked to spearhead our CSR Council, you willingly stepped up. What does CSR mean to you?

I have such a strong interest in CSR. My parents, an elementary school teacher and pediatric nurse, spent their days giving back to the community where I grew up, positively impacting the mental and physical well-being of generations of children and their families. I saw firsthand the impact of how we live, love and work.    

In law school, I discovered my natural inclination toward environmental and agency law and pursued an environmental legal masters. During this time, my work at an international metallurgical corporation also impacted my worldview, as I began to understand the extent to which community and environmental issues influenced how the world saw and judged an enterprise. When given the opportunity to help establish Vibrantz’s CSR program, it felt like the perfect opportunity to put my skills and interests to work for a bigger purpose. I believe strongly that our employees, future generations and the environment all need and deserve our consideration. 

How has Vibrantz undertaken so much CSR work so quickly?

The amount of work undertaken since we began our CSR Council in December 2022 is staggering. We set high expectations for the Council and appointed strong leads to oversee different disciplines. Each committee delivered above and beyond the initial goals. We owe such gratitude to our CSR Council leads, members and employees for wholeheartedly embracing this program.   

We have begun an impressive sustainable procurement program, developed a systematic approach to environmental metric reporting, structured a lifecycle analysis program to tackle key products in the short term and our broader portfolio longer term, ensured compliance with conflict minerals regulations and associated reporting templates, and launched a stakeholder impact initiative focused on engaging our employees and growing community outreach. We did all of this in 2023 because we saw no reason to delay making commitments we felt were right. All of this hard work and dedication has set a solid foundation for ambitious goals in the coming years.   

How is the Vibrantz culture impacting our CSR work?

Our purpose to bring color, performance and vibrancy to life manifests itself daily in the work our employees do. Our leaders are highly focused on finding ways to connect our people to this purpose and our six core values, such that they are becoming part of the fabric of who we are as an employer and serving as a springboard for our CSR work.   

Walking the halls of our offices around the world, you see managers approaching their work with a learning and growth mindset, colleagues committed to innovating trusted technologies for customers, teammates and their families being caring stewards in their communities, and so much more. The members of our CSR Council and the leaders and employees supporting our work are fueled by a connection to our promise to make life more vibrant for the world. I look forward to sharing the many ways Vibrantz and our people continue doing what we believe is right. 

VP, associate general counsel

Alison Landis

VP, associate general counsel

Landis serves as vice president and associate general counsel at Vibrantz and leads our Corporate Social Responsibility Council. Prior to Vibrantz, Landis served as general counsel to Postlane Partners, a private investment firm that specialized in complex, special situation energy opportunities. She has over 10 years of corporate legal experience including serving as deputy general counsel of Eramet Americas.

Landis received a bachelor’s degree from Washington & Jefferson College, a juris doctorate from Duquesne University, a legal master’s in environmental law from Vermont Law School, an executive MBA from Rice Business School and an executive law certificate in Sustainable Capitalism & ESG from Berkeley Law.