At Vibrantz, our purpose is to bring color, performance and vibrancy to life in all we do. And we speak often about the importance of finding ways – each day – to help connect our people to this purpose. What I find most encouraging is that our vision and purpose are becoming part of the fabric of who we are as an employer of bright and passionate colleagues around the world, a provider of hundreds of technologies for customers, a responsible and caring steward in our communities, and so much more. 

As Randy Pausch, renowned for his wisdom in The Last Lecture, once expressed, “When we’re connected to others, we become better people.” In other words, when people realize their unique contribution to furthering a goal, then true ownership emerges. At the core of our corporate social responsibility (CSR) – or sustainability and environmental, social and governance (ESG) – efforts is a powerful shared belief that we are the best versions of ourselves when we are connected to and positively impacting others. We recognize the synergistic effects of dedicating a balanced focus to our stakeholders. We hold one another accountable for making decisions and fulfilling commitments in ways that consider more than financial gain.  

Vibrantz’s CSR Council is a powerful example of this data in real life.  

Our CSR journey 

As we began to lay the foundation for our CSR program, the Vibrantz team was fueled by the powerful shared belief that we are the best versions of ourselves when we are positively impacting others. Personally, leaving people and projects better than I found them is a big “why” for me. The chance to guide Vibrantz’s impact on the world through the establishment of our CSR Council has felt like an extension of this “Why” and been something I’ve looked forward to each day. 

Much like me, our Council subcommittee leads raised their hands asking to help champion some facet of our CSR program, whether it be environmental, health and safety, stakeholder impact, sustainable procurement, or product management. In 2024, the team’s incredible efforts over the short span of roughly a year and a half together will culminate in Vibrantz’s first CSR Report.  

“Vibrantz has empowered us to foster a positive impact on investors, employees, the environment and society at large. Through collaborative teamwork and our diverse experiences, responsibilities and regions, we are shaping the future of our company in an exceptional way.” 

Antonio Piñeiro, Quality, Environment, Health, Safety and Sustainability, EMEA 

As expected, the report will include an overview of our CSR journey, improvements and impacts across our sustainability focus areas. But the often hard-to-quantify and difficult-to-achieve driving force behind the body of work is our Council members’ personal connections to Vibrantz’s purpose and the importance of sustainability in our everyday lives.  

“My role on the Council involves collecting global environment and energy data, which has given me the opportunity to engage with colleagues across diverse business units, facilities and regions and exchange insights on sustainability initiatives. Their inputs are invaluable in helping to advance our aspirational CSR program.” 

Qian Shen, Director Environment, Health and Safety, APAC 

Our commitment to CSR is just one of the ways Vibrantz is dedicated to shaping a future as an enduring world-class specialty chemicals and materials solutions provider. Along this journey, we continue to listen, learn and value diverse perspectives from a global team who is increasingly proud to share their unique contributions and be part of the shared Vibrantz experience as we work to make life more vibrant.   

Ali Landis

Vice President and Associate General Counsel

Ali Landis

Vice President and Associate General Counsel

Landis serves as vice president and associate general counsel at Vibrantz and leads our Corporate Social Responsibility council. Prior to Vibrantz, Landis served as general counsel to Postlane Partners, a private investment firm that specialized in complex, special situation energy opportunities. She has over 10 years of corporate legal experience including serving as deputy general counsel of Eramet Americas.

Landis received a bachelor’s degree from Washington & Jefferson College, a juris doctorate from Duquesne University, a legal master’s in environmental law from Vermont Law School, an executive MBA from Rice Business School and an executive law certificate in Sustainable Capitalism & ESG from Berkeley Law.