One of the hallmarks of post pandemic life is a yearning for authentic connection and a sense of community. In today’s workplace, this means employees seek more than virtual interactions. They also want to create meaningful bonds with colleagues and impact their communities. Although where, how and when people work may have shifted since 2020, employers have a significant opportunity to positively impact their team members’ well-being, sense of purpose and ability to grow. Especially since employees have perhaps more choice than ever about where they work.

Data shows that happy employees are 20% more productive and engaged employees are four times more likely to feel extremely proud of the products and services their organization offers. At Vibrantz, our commitment to each other fuels how we work together toward our purpose, celebrate successes, solve difficult challenges, develop professionally and grow personally. By promoting engagement and supporting well-being, we are cultivating an environment where we actively seek, take to heart and honor employee opinions and perspectives.

Empowering Vibrantz employees

At Vibrantz, we believe that our success is intrinsically linked to the people who work here. We believe we are the best versions of ourselves when we are positively impacting others and it is why we actively prioritize initiatives that foster a happy, healthy and engaged workforce. Throughout 2023, we have progressed various commitments in support of employee engagement and well-being including:

Launched our first Manager Engagement Training (MET) program at sites worldwide. We all need basic tools and resources to do our jobs effectively and it is even more important than managers have the training and competencies to lead their teams with confidence and ease. Vibrantz created and launched MET as a way to ensure supervisors and managers have knowledge in the areas of safety, people, financial, operational and strategic leadership to ensure our employees worldwide have world-class managers and supervisors.

The training highlighted how much influence leaders can have on an organization’s safety and provided simple and effective tools we can implement at the various Vibrantz sites. I had the opportunity to connect with other Vibrantz leaders, and their insights and experiences were incredibly beneficial.

-Jordan Patric, Multisite plant manager

Launched Safestart training at many of our manufacturing sites. With safety as one of our six core values, we are focused on ensuring our employees get home to their families alive and well at the end of each day. Safestart is a well-known behavioral-based safety program we are leveraging as we build a strong culture focused on safety.

Established employee involvement committees (EICs) – At 60 sites worldwide, these committees create and promote employee participation that fosters connections with each other, our values and communities. To date, 90% of our sites have an active EIC in place and are organizing and hosting one event per month to promote local team building, employee appreciation, company values, and a positive presence in our communities.

“As an EIC member for Norcross, Georgia, I’ve seen firsthand how the monthly activities have enhanced site morale, leaving employees feeling appreciated and grateful to make a difference within our local community.”

Valerie Gamble, Supply chain supervisor, Color Solutions, North America

Celebrated our second annual virtual 5K – Nearly 2,000 employees across the world came together to participate in physical activities such as running, walking, biking, swimming, hiking and everything in between for a virtual five-kilometer “race.”

“The virtual 5K was a fun and inspiring way to connect with our Thailand team and other colleagues around the world through movement. It showcased how well we can work together, even when physically distant.”

– Nok Woravuvichayavong, Country Manager, Thailand

Debuted Vibrantz in Action (VIA) – Earlier this year, we launched VIA, our philanthropy program committed to engaging our employees and improving the communities we serve. VIA hosts four quarterly events each year focused in the areas of environmental stewardship, well-being, and science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education. Our first VIA event was held in late August as part of our second virtual 5K event. Many of our teams around the world participated in our 5K event in some physical activity and also hosted a team event together focused on promoting their community’s well-being.

“VIA was created from our powerful shared belief that we are the best versions of ourselves when we are actively connected to and positively impacting others. While the VIA committee has created the foundation and overall structure of the philanthropy program, already we are watching our teams at sites around the world personalize what ‘action’ in their communities looks like to them. It’s inspiring, encouraging and we have only just begun.”

-Caitlin Ramsey, Senior Manager, Marketing Communications

The enthusiastic participation and camaraderie around these recent programs underscore how our people are choosing to connect and bridge the distance that separates us. By prioritizing employee engagement and well-being, Vibrantz strives to create a positive and sustainable culture that attracts top talent and ensures long-term prosperity. With a philosophy rooted in people being at the center of all we do, Vibrantz sees investing in our employees is an investment in our long-term future.

Gerardo Ruiz

Vice President, Human Resources, Americas

Gerardo Ruiz

Vice President, Human Resources, Americas

Ruiz is a strategy-driven leader with a track record of building high-performing teams and operations in the manufacturing sector. Prior to joining Vibrantz in 2018, Ruiz’s 25-year career span covers publicly and privately held companies like Alcoa, John Deere and Prince Minerals where he led the human resources function and implemented strategies to develop a highly engaged workforce achieving levels of certified Great Places to Work. Ruiz has a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of Nuevo Leon.