The urban population has increased over 330% since 1960 with more than half of the world’s 8.1 billion inhabitants dwelling in cities. While urbanization is relatively new, migration trends project an exponential increase globally by 2050.

This shift has propelled citizens to rethink their surroundings and requires greater standards for livability, connectivity, sustainability and well-being connected to the buildings where we live, work and play. Architects, urban planners, manufacturers and other responsible industries are now answering the call for transformation. Consumers have new priorities, from creating a more aesthetically appealing space to homing in on sophisticated functionality and improved durability.

A strong appreciation for the coexistence of functionality and aesthetics has led to incredible growth for the glass market. The increased desire for openness and connection to nature has influenced the embrace of the “glass curtain wall trend”— where the outer covering of a building is composed primarily of glass panels. Recognizing that we no longer need to choose one or the other, architectural and construction industries continue to utilize glass in unprecedented ways. Printed glass facades with photorealistic motifs to mimic stained glass and historic buildings spruced up with exterior glass replications of marble are just two examples of unique and durable digital ceramic ink applications.

“Digital printing on glass empowers us to transform extraordinary ideas into reality. As we innovate our ceramic inks, vibrant buildings are becoming more accessible and cherished. This balance between creativity and utility brings art and technology more seamlessly into our everyday lives.”

Pierre Plazonnet, Digital Printing Technology Manager

A vibrant future for digital inks

Vibrantz Dip-Tech® inks have been at the forefront of digital glass printing since 2005, revolutionizing the ancient process of glass printing. The industry shift toward glass has accelerated because of its myriad advantages and foundational quality of 100% recyclability.

The benefits of digital ceramic ink on glass extend across a wide spectrum and encompass:

  • Process efficiency – Digital printing is efficient and allows for any batch size. The traditional method of screen printing onto glass requires running large projects, is very manual and needs more preparation, extended material inventories and labor to create a finished product.
  • Effective application – Digital printing offers high precision, reducing the need for all glass pieces to be the same size and minimizing the potential need to rework due to a small error.
  • Less waste – Jetting ink directly decreases waste due to immediate precision capabilities and no screen changeover residues.
  • Functionality – Innovations in glass printing, such as integrating light and heat control, optimizing temperature regulation and boosting protective performance.

Spectrum HD inks are redefining resilience

The upcoming launch of our Spectrum HD series include a BGWORK configuration (blue, green, white, orange, red and black). Spectrum HD inks are used for side1 series applications, fit for total exposure to the elements and include new functional inks such as etch imitation and slip resistant.

Vibrantz’s new Spectrum HD inks feature innovations including:

  • Strengthened durability – Spectrum HD inks are resistant to chemicals and weather conditions, which makes them an opportune choice for architectural applications in climates where side1 glass is susceptible to accelerated deterioration.
  • Extended shelf life – Our inks last up to six to nine months’ time from bottling date (product dependent), maintaining the highest quality and best-in-class performance. 
  • Extensive color palette – Spectrum HD BGWORK provides endless possibilities for colorful designs on building exteriors that will illuminate facades without being dulled by covering glass layers.
  • REACH compliant – Our inorganic pigmented Spectrum HD BGWORK set ink series comply with European Union Regulation 1907/200 governing the registration, evaluation, authorization and restriction of chemicals (REACH).

Vibrantz digital inks merge visual appeal with functionality. Our inkjet products support with modern design approaches that breathe life into more family-friendly communities and ultimately create well-functioning spaces that enhance our everyday lives.

Collaborate with our team of experts at Glass Build America to develop a customized solution crafted with your unique touch.

Aliza Edry

Application and Product Manager, Digital Inks

Aliza Edry

Application and Product Manager, Digital Inks

Edry worked at legacy companies Dip-Tech and Ferro for over 17 years before Vibrantz Technologies’ inception. She has extensive experience in the digital printing industry, from research and development to color management and digital printing processes. She has been at the forefront of innovation in the field, integrating ceramic ink development with graphic workflows and digital printing technology. She attended Hadassah College and received her bachelor’s degree in printing engineering and graphics.