We make grinding wheels cut deeper and last longer.

Manufacturers are looking for clean cuts and for their machines to remain in operations without having to service them more than necessary. We service the abrasive grinding wheel industry with a range of products including metal sulfides (iron pyrite and synthetic ferro sulfur), metal fluorides, and other active fillers.

Vibrantz’s products are additive solutions to improve cutting/grinding performance and aging characteristics. Our materials for abrasives are adaptable and can blended to provide customers with raw materials to make longer lasting wheels and cooler cuts.

Additionally, our specialty glass frits are used to created vitrified bonds that help embed and bind abrasive grains together in traditional grinding wheels. Our glass frits enable a proper bond designed to impart hardness, strength and optimal ability for efficient cutting. Grinding wheels made with vitrified bonds are very rigid, strong and porous. They remove stock material at high rates and grind to precise requirements.

Vitrified bonds using glass-ceramic frits will enable new sharp abrasive grains to be exposed as they wear and are expelled during the grinding process. Vibrantz frits can be used in grinding wheels for wet or dry precision grinding applications on the hardest materials.

Our experience in process engineering and the ability to manufacture specialty custom blends across the globe make Vibrantz the preferred choice of value-added consumables for grinding wheel manufacturers.

Vibrantz supplies chemically and physically stable products without flourine.

We tailor solutions to your requirements.

Vibrantz is able to develop tailor-made products according to specific customers’ requirements in the production of vitrified/ ceramic grinding wheels.

  • PYRITEMAX® (iron pyrite)
  • Cryolite (sodium aluminum fluoride)
  • PAF (potassium aluminum fluoride)
  • Manganese chlorides/carbonates blends
  • Potassium sSulfate
  • Vitrified bond frit

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