Expand your palette with our color solutions.

The right kind of colorants and pigments are important to support the appearance and durability demands of do-it-yourself (DIY) and professional projects. From floors to ceilings, interiors to exteriors, we know color.

We specialize in point-of-sale (POS) and in-plant colorants for decorative applications, as well as offer an extensive portfolio of organic and inorganic pigments for architectural coatings. Our broad range of products offers superior performance in areas where durability, opacity and color space coverage are key.

Our vast range of colorants can be optimized for a wide range of uses, including:

  • Interior and exterior architectural paints
  • Synthetic stucco and façade systems
  • POS tinting
  • In-plant tinting
  • Software solutions

We bring diverse chemistries and technical expertise to any project.

From our expansive product range to product development expertise, we provide a comprehensive approach to your colorant needs. We were first to market low volatile organic compound (VOC) colorant technologies and remain the global leader in formulating colorant solutions for architectural paints and coatings.

Our colorants come in a wide range of organic and inorganic pigments, pigment dispersions and performance additives. We serve the global POS tinting market by creating innovative solutions for colorants and color systems. Our colorants for in-plant tinting systems utilize a wide selection of pigments to meet a variety of applications.

From high-performance to low-VOC, and from decorative paints to exterior plasters, our colorants provide broad compatibility with a dynamic range of benefits.


Our pigments perform and protect.

It’s crucial your architectural coatings achieve the right color the first time. Our extensive range of organic and inorganic pigments help you produce the optimal shade while guaranteeing additional protection properties. Whether you’re wanting highly opaque pigments to reduce the number of layers you must coat, or prefer vivid painted walls, we have a pigment that will perform.

We also supply infrared (IR) reflecting pigments to maximize total solar reflectance, keeping coatings longer lasting and pavement cooler, mitigating the accumulation of heat in heavily trafficked urban areas. This dramatically lowers power consumption in city centers, contributing to less frequent power outages and less hazardous effects during a heat wave.

Work hand-in-hand with our color science department.

Staying on trend in the decorative market is critical for paint producers. We work globally with our customers and color merchandising providers to create solutions to best fit the needs of the ever-changing POS market.

We assess customers’ current color space and recommend the best colorant ranges to expand color options. Our color service department works directly with our customer color labs to optimize POS color systems.

Based on our experience with thousands of customers in nearly 100 countries, we can meet the most demanding requests. We offer customized solutions so you can achieve success in any project.

Achieve design freedom with our tinting software, Innovatint.

Our point-of-sale tinting software, Innovatint 4, offers the simplest and quickest way to operate tinting machines, allowing complete control over the color matching and tinting process.

This cloud-based technology seamlessly connects, stores and organizes data, increasing productivity, efficiency and sales. We have a dedicated development to help integrate Innovatint into paint company systems, enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management, e-commerce and PowerBI platforms.

Learn how Innovatint gives you instant access to unlimited color formulas directly from the paint manufacturer here.

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