We make products that improve quality of life.

Medical innovations and pharmaceutical technology are essential drivers of advancing human health, for which there can be no compromise.

We’re a leading provider of manganese and colorant solutions that enhance the quality of your products. Our products are engineered with the highest formulation consistency to ensure patient safety.

High-purity manganese products optimized for pharmaceuticals and catalysts.

In the catalyst and pharmaceutical markets, our manganese-based products are used for their catalytic or oxidizing properties. Applications include the synthesis of organic compounds, production of pharmaceuticals, elimination of dangerous pollutants such as ozone, carbon monoxide, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), sulfur removal, and the Grignard reaction. Each application has specific product requirements.

Our range of manganese dioxide products have specially designed crystallographic structure, purity level, particles size or specific surface area.

We also supply high- purity manganese salts as intermediates in catalyst production. We partner with customers to optimize our products for their specific application.

  • MnO2 HSA, MnO2 OG, MnO2 CG, MnO2 VHP (manganese dioxide)
  • Mn(NO3)2 in various purities and concentrations (manganese nitrate)
  • MnCl2 (anhydrous manganese chloride)
  • MnCO3 UF, MnCO3 HP (manganese carbonate)
  • MnSO4 HP (manganese sulfate high purity)

Reliable electronic materials you can depend on.

Advances in artificial intelligence, along with integration of biosensors, continue to push the boundaries in improving healthcare diagnostics, patient treatment and quality of life. Electronics packaging is an integral part of the innovative sensors and devices that facilitate these advances in healthcare.

Vibrantz enables design and manufacturing of highly reliable electronic packages and devices found in patient care in a hospital environment, as well as in remote monitors tracked by a medical practitioner and even in smart phone apps.

We supply high-performance, high-purity and exceptionally durable electronic materials that include resistors and thick film pastes used in medical sensors. We also manufacture custom bioactive glass formulations based on specific applications used in the medical industry.

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