We provide colorants for your clean cosmetic ingredients.

We know color is key when it comes to branding and we help customers differentiate their products safely and reliably. As the world’s leading supplier of ultramarine pigments, we’re experts on how to maximize color to help your brand stand out.

From premium ultramarine blue and violet pigments for cosmetic packaging to solvent-free colorants for gel polish, our products are high-performing, safe options for your cosmetic needs.

Ultramarine blue pigments that speak to the senses.

Blue conveys strength, calmness, cleanliness and loyalty. It’s no wonder many global brands incorporate blue into packaging for countless cosmetic products. Specifically ultramarine blue pigments have been the choice for the plastics industry to make color concentrates and compounds for food and cosmetics packaging. These unique, distinctive blue shades offer excellent processing and service life performance. Our premium ultramarine blue pigments were designed with sensitivity to odor and taste applications in mind.

Our Nubiperf FCP series decreases the amount of residual elemental sulfur in conventional ultramarine blue pigments, reducing or eliminates organoleptic effects. The Nubiperf FCP series offers:

  • Very low free-sulfur content
  • Exceptional dispersibility
  • Narrow colorimetric tolerance
  • Minimal moisture content

Our pigment dispersions help your gel polish shine.

Our Chroma-Chem UCD® SF solvent-free colorants provide a broad color spectrum in a colorless, unsaturated non-crosslinking resins, including vinyls, alkyds, nitrocellulose, acetates and acrylic lacquers. These colorants excel under ultraviolet (UV) light and are used to provide long-lasting, vibrant UV curable gel fingernail polish.

The Chroma-Chem UCD SF products are formulated at maximum pigment loading to minimize the effects of the polyester vehicle on the coating film while maintaining a pourable colorant system.

Our technicians combine their talents with today’s most advanced computer color analysis equipment to offer our customers precise and efficient color-matching services. Our spectrophotometry process minimizes metamerism, ensures consistent quality and achieves the right performance characteristics.

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