We make vehicles attractive inside and out.

Consumer decisions about preferred vehicle color are perhaps just as important as choosing the make and model when purchasing. Post purchase, we work hard to keep our cars looking their best with washing, waxing and polishing. Vibrantz is a leading manufacturer of colorant and coating products that maintain car exteriors’ finishing and shine.

Our high-purity manganese oxide creates coatings that reduce metal corrosion and friction of moving parts. Product consistency and ease of use has made us the preferred choice for anticorrosion and parts producers.

Our materials help make comfort and functionality possible.

Vehicle interiors matter more than we may think. The color, quality and styling of car interiors keep us comfortable and the ease of using the accessories such as the air conditioning, radio or heated seats removes distractions inside so we can focus on what’s happening around us. Vibrantz has car interiors covered through a wide range of inks and colorants for automotive plastics, ultraviolet- and heat-curing paints and coatings, and water-based, laser-etchable paints.

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