We help farmers protect their fields.

The crop protection market is constantly evolving due to tightening regulations and the need to feed the world’s population and overcome the resistance plants have built to certain chemical ingredients. Farmers count on various products and services to help protect farmland and meet these challenges.

Vibrantz brings over 60 years of experience, global manufacturing capabilities and a range of manganese and copper-based products to help growers protect their harvest and enhance yields.

We help combat crop disease.

Fungicides require high-quality minerals like manganese and phosphates to control the proliferation of diseases caused by fungi. Vibrantz supplies the fungicide industry with manganese and copper-based mineral products that protect herbs and plants.

Crop protection ingredients

We offer quality raw materials for fungicides.

  • Manganese sulfate monohydrate (MnSO4.H2O)
  • MnSO4 solution
  • Black cupric oxide (CuO)
  • Copper oxychloride (COC)

Vibrantz is a founding member of the European Copper Task Force and actively monitors and supports the EU’s regulation of copper-based products as an active substance.

Expertise and solutions

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