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Turf, ornamental, and nursery professionals require high-performing and environmentally friendly nutrients to keep plants well nourished. Vibrantz has the largest suite of manganese chemicals available and provides a complete line of micronutrient sucrates for efficient plant nutrition.

We manufacture the original high-performing, free-flowing dispersible family of micronutrient granules. Granusol supplies the necessary micronutrients plants need to thrive. Our Granusol® products include:

  • Granusol Fe (50% iron)
  • Granusol Mn (35% Manganese)
  • Granusol Mg (45% Magnesium)
  • Granusol Southeast Mix
  • Granusol Turf Mix
  • Multi-nutrient, custom formulations

Optimal flow and handling

Granusol sucrates are uniform granules that are free flowing, non-caking, and available with an organic coating. Finely ground oxides are incorporated with specific reducing sugars in a proprietary formulation in the presence of heat. When these sugars come into contact with moisture, the water molecules cause the sugars to hydrolyze and form and organic complex with the oxides, called a sucrate.

Consistent slow release for all soils

Our Granusol products provide consistent, slow release for extended duration nutrition and work well in both alkaline and acidic soils.

With two production locations in the U.S., Ganusol is widely used in plants and ornamental, crop production, lawn and garden, professional horticulture, and golf and sports turf applications.

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