The pultrusion process is characterized by a low labor content and a high raw material conversion efficiency for manufacturing profiled shapes, at an attractive cost and consistent quality. Colorants play a vital role in many polymer applications by providing the necessary appearance and aesthetic attributes to bring a product to market. We provide over 40 years of experience, technical support and an extensive product line offering ultraviolet resistance, line speed improvements and weight reduction through nanotechnology. Our Plasticolors® brand provides a broad range of colors and carrier chemistries that result in versatile and cost-effective pultrusion composites.

We offer an extensive portfolio of pigment dispersions in a range of carrier technologies to satisfy customer needs in a various pultrusion applications. All colorants are heavy metal-free, contain no solvents and produce high tint strength. Our technology produces the optimal particle size for color strength and pigment efficiency in a stable dispersion. Our colorants are fully converted into a portion of the matrix solids upon cure and are suitable for any pultrusion application including polyester, vinyl ester, polyurethane and epoxy profiles.

Colorants are available as single pigment dispersions, custom color matched blends, or choose from standard ColorPak colors. Custom color matched blends are available with special consideration of color, outdoor durability, abrasion and more.

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