Our gel coat colorants are efficient and cost effective.

Gel coats are a one-stop solution for protecting various composite materials like swimming pools, wind energy, construction, marine and recreational vehicle applications. Consisting of a pigmented polyester resin and acting as both a paint and protective layer to a surface, it’s important that gel coats have varying pigment possibilities for end-use applications.

Our Plasticolors® GTS colorants make producing gel coats efficient and cost-effective through thermoset colorants that are engineered for accurate metering for both volumetric and gravimetric pigment dispersions. The addition of tinting systems enables gel coat manufacturers to reduce their colorant inventory and create blended colors on demand.

Plasticolors GTS colorants are highly controlled mass tones that allow for batch consistency and automated dispensing. The Plasticolors GTS series enables customers to reduce colorant inventory and create blended color on demand.

These colorants are designed for both volumetric and gravimetric dispensing, giving the end user the flexibility to utilize the colorants for in-plant or point-of-sale (POS) tinting. Each of the mass tone colorants are tightly controlled for color and strength to ensure quality consistency for every batch.

Our Plasticolors CF colorants are gravimetrically controlled and can also be used for tinting gel coats.

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