We offer custom, cost-effective pigment solutions.

Customers often need an innovative color solution specific to a unique application and rely on a pigments partner to help with product development. Our hybrid pigments are a custom blend of inorganic and organic pigments specifically designed for unique applications. They provide a balance of properties, like high opaqueness and color saturation, while exhibiting the right weathering properties and high heat stability.

These unique pigment blends also provide an environmentally responsible one-to-one lead chromate substitution which reduces the reformulation work for our customers. We’ve formulated these hybrid pigments as a cost-effective pigment solution for many heavy, metal-free formulations.

Our customized hybrid pigments formulations team can provide our customers with many replacement possibilities covering big parts of the color space based on the application, allowing a wide range of rapid and cost-effective solutions.

Products and solutions

Vibrantz offers solutions for coatings, plastics and liquid and thermoplastic road markings.


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