We enhance solar efficiency.

As the global fight against climate change intensifies, our need for sustainable energy solutions continues to evolve. From the glass used in solar panels to the turbines used in wind blades, our materials help address the challenges facing the energy market. Solar power has become an integral solution for renewable energy as it is one of the most commonly available, accessible, and feasible renewable energy options, and one of the main drivers in the reduction of carbon emissions across the globe. For starters, solar energy is non-contaminating, renewable and inexhaustible. Plus, solar panels can be recycled, and every kWh of energy they produce is a kWh of energy not generated in plant facilities that expel greenhouse gases. Vibrantz offers glass enamels to improve power generation efficiency and the shelf life of battery packs. This decreases the attenuation and improves the weather resistance of the module.

More recently, to further enhance solar efficiency, our global R&D team has worked to develop a specialty, high reflectivity white enamel for application on Side 3 of the laminated glass. This improves the reflectivity of the module, so that the battery absorbs more sunlight, thereby enhancing performance.

Double glass PV modules are a new type of integrated building material (BIPV) providing clean and sustainable energy. Designed to be compatible with most conventional glazing systems for facades and skylights, they are particularly suitable for construction of car-park facilities, bus stops, shopping malls, sports facilities and greenhouses.

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