We help optimize drilling performance.

Oil and gas producers face demanding challenges in the field, including meeting production targets, adhering to regulations and maintaining flow assurance to avoid financial loss. Our materials deliver high-performance product solutions our customers need to optimize drilling performance, minimize risk, and increase productivity. From simple wells to complex and challenging ones, Vibrantz can provide the expertise for all your drilling needs. Our areas of manufacturing expertise include:

  • Grinding & pulverizing
  • Sizing & screening
  • Dry blending
  • Liquid blending
  • Spraying liquids on dry powder
  • Reclamation & reworking
  • Packaging & exporting capabilities
  • Private labeling

We develop unique drilling fluid additives.

We leverage our ability to source high-quality raw materials in order to engineer high-value solutions. Vibrantz’s products have evolved to meet the ever-changing demands of the drilling fluids industry such as longer lateral wells, hotter temperatures, and managed pressure drilling. We have the flexibility and innovation to develop products fit for market needs.

With our longstanding industry experience, our sales, innovation, and operations departments work together to create new products based on the analysis of market dynamics and changing production requirements. We pride ourselves on our collaborative efforts to bring new product solutions to the marketplace. We currently hold several active patents for innovative drilling products.

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